The Women’s National Basketball Association (WNBA) stands as a beacon of excellence and empowerment in the sports world. Pursuing WNBA jobs offers a chance to be part of a transformative movement that promotes gender equality, inspires young athletes, and contributes to the growth of women’s basketball globally.

The Spectrum of WNBA Jobs

We will discuss the various types of WNBA jobs available, from the front office to sports medicine to community relations.

Front Office and Administration

Person in a WNBA front office smiling

Behind every thrilling game and every player’s success story is a robust team of professionals working tirelessly. Positions in the WNBA’s front office and administrative roles are critical. They encompass a variety of functions, including team management, operations, marketing, finance, and human resources. These WNBA jobs are pivotal in shaping the strategic direction of the teams and the league, ensuring financial stability, and enhancing fan engagement.

WNBA Jobs in Front Office and Administration

General Manager

The General Manager oversees all operations and decisions regarding the team’s roster, including trades, drafts, and signings. They set the strategic direction and work closely with the head coach to build a competitive team.

The average WNBA manager’s salary is $118,723, but it varies greatly based on the team’s budget and the individual’s experience.

Operations Manager

An Operations Manager focuses on the team’s day-to-day activities, ensuring everything from travel arrangements to practice schedules runs smoothly. They are the backbone of the team’s logistical framework.

The average Operations Manager salary is $73,590, depending on the size of the team and the scope of operations.

Marketing Director

A Marketing Director is responsible for developing and implementing marketing strategies to boost ticket sales, enhance fan engagement, and increase the team’s visibility. They often oversee social media campaigns, community events, and promotional materials.

The average WNBA Marketing Director’s salary is $198,983 annually, with potential for bonuses based on performance metrics.

Financial Analyst

A Financial Analyst manages the team’s finances, including budgeting, forecasting, and financial planning. They play a crucial role in ensuring the team operates within its financial means while identifying growth opportunities.

The average Financial Analyst salary is $76,711 annually, which can increase with experience and the team’s financial success.

Human Resources Manager

A Human Resources Manager oversees all HR functions for the team, including hiring, onboarding, employee relations, and compliance with labor laws. They ensure the organization fosters a positive and productive work environment.

The average HR Manager salary is $80,958 annually, reflecting the responsibility of managing personnel matters in a dynamic environment.

Careers in the WNBA Front Office and Administration embody the league’s and its teams’ strategic and operational backbone. From setting the competitive direction as a General Manager to ensuring financial health and fostering a positive work environment, these WNBA jobs are pivotal in driving the league’s success both on and off the court.

Sports Medicine and Athletic Performance

A WNBA sports medicine doctor assessing a player's swollen ankle

The health and performance of WNBA athletes are paramount. Careers in sports medicine and athletic performance within the WNBA include physical therapists, athletic trainers, nutritionists, and strength and conditioning coaches. These experts work closely with athletes to optimize their health, enhance their performance, and prolong their careers through cutting-edge medical care, rehabilitation services, and personalized training programs.

WNBA Jobs in Sports Medicine and Athletic Performance

Physical Therapist

A Physical Therapist specializes in rehabilitating sports injuries, helping athletes recover from injuries through therapeutic exercises and treatments. They play a crucial role in pain management and recovery strategies, ensuring athletes return to play safely and effectively.

The average Physical Therapist’s salary is $97,960, varying with experience and the team’s specific needs.

Athletic Trainer

An Athletic Trainer works directly with athletes to prevent, diagnose, and treat muscle and bone injuries. During practices and games, they are present to provide immediate care and collaborate closely with physicians and therapists for comprehensive treatment plans.

The average Athletic Trainer’s salary is $54,687 annually, depending on their role within the team and the level of experience they bring.


A Nutritionist or Dietitian develops personalized nutrition plans to enhance athletic performance, facilitate recovery, and ensure overall health. They advise on proper hydration, supplements, and dietary habits that support the athlete’s training and competition schedules.

The Average annual salary for a Sports Dietitian is $76,000, influenced by their credentials, specialization in sports nutrition, and the scope of their role within the organization.

Strength and Conditioning Coach

A Strength and Conditioning Coach designs and implements fitness programs to improve athletes’ strength, endurance, and performance. They assess physical conditions, monitor progress, and adjust workouts to meet the specific needs of each athlete.

The average annual WNBA Performance Coach’s salary is $62,821, but it varies depending on the team’s budget, the coach’s experience, and the results achieved.

Sports Psychologist

A Sports Psychologist focuses on the mental well-being of athletes, helping them develop coping strategies, improve focus, and enhance performance through mental training techniques. They address issues such as anxiety, performance pressure, and motivation.

The average Sports Psychologist’s salary is $74,324 annually, reflecting the specialized nature of the field and the demand for these professionals in high-performance sports environments.

These WNBA jobs are integral to the support system around WNBA athletes, contributing to their physical well-being and mental and emotional health. The collaboration between these professionals ensures that athletes can perform at their peak, reduce the risk of injury, and extend their careers in the league.

Media, Communications, and Digital Content

A video camera being used to record a WNBA game

The WNBA’s presence in the digital and media landscape is vast and varied. Roles in this domain involve content creation, social media management, public relations, and broadcasting. These positions are essential in shaping the league’s public image, engaging with fans across the globe, and telling the compelling stories of WNBA players and teams. Professionals in this field leverage their creativity and communication skills to amplify the reach and impact of women’s basketball.

WNBA Jobs in Media, Communications, and Digital Content

Content Creator

A Content Creator generates engaging content across various platforms to highlight players, games, and behind-the-scenes action, including articles, videos, and social media posts. They use storytelling to connect fans with the league and its athletes.

The average Content Creator’s salary is $79,528 annually, depending on the platform, audience size, and the creator’s experience.

Social Media Manager

A Social Media Manager manages the WNBA’s official social media accounts, developing strategies to increase follower engagement, brand awareness, and online presence. They monitor trends, engage with fans, and create compelling content that resonates with the audience.

The average WNBA Social Media Manager’s salary is $124,026, but it can vary based on the scope of the role and the success of social media campaigns.

Public Relations Manager

A Public Relations Manager crafts the WNBA’s public image through media releases, press conferences, and public appearances. They manage communication during crises, build relationships with media outlets, and ensure positive media coverage.

The average WNBA Public Relations Manager’s salary is $129,621 annually, and it is influenced by their expertise in media relations and their ability to handle high-pressure situations.

Broadcast Producer

A Broadcast Producer oversees the production of live game broadcasts and special programming. They coordinate with directors, editors, and on-air talent to ensure high-quality broadcasts that capture the excitement of WNBA games.

The average Broadcast Producer salary is $79,722 annually, reflecting live sports production’s technical and creative demands.

Digital Marketing Specialist

A Digital Marketing Specialist utilizes digital channels to promote the WNBA, increase ticket sales, and engage with a broader audience. They implement SEO strategies, manage online advertising campaigns, and analyze data to optimize marketing efforts.

The average Digital Marketing Specialist’s salary is $65,418 annually, dependent on their ability to drive measurable results through digital marketing initiatives.

Working in media, communications, and digital content for the WNBA is not just about having a job; it’s about being at the forefront of promoting women’s sports and shaping the narrative around female athletes. These roles offer the opportunity to be creative, strategic, and impactful, contributing to the league’s growth and popularity.

Coaching and Player Development

Person with a shirt that says "Coach" on the back

Coaching and player development roles are at the heart of the WNBA’s sporting excellence. Coaches, assistant coaches, scouts, and player development specialists are instrumental in identifying talent, refining players’ skills, and devising strategies that lead to victory. These WNBA jobs directly impact players’ growth and the teams’ competitive success.

WNBA Jobs in Coaching and Player Development

Head Coach

The Head Coach is responsible for the team’s overall strategy, performance, and success. They make crucial decisions on player selection, game tactics, and team management, fostering a winning culture within the team.

The WNBA Head Coach’s salary is highly variable, but it can range over $1,000,000 annually depending on the team’s budget, the coach’s experience, and their track record of success.

Assistant Coach

The Assistant Coach supports the Head Coach in all aspects of team preparation and performance. They often focus on specific areas such as offense, defense, or player development, providing detailed coaching to players.

The average WNBA Assistant Coach’s salary is $63,495 annually, but it varies significantly based on the team and the specific responsibilities assigned.


A Scout identifies and evaluates potential talent for the team, attending games and analyzing performances to recommend players for drafting, trading, or signing. They have a keen eye for talent and an in-depth understanding of basketball.

The average Basketball Scout’s salary is $94,135 annually, dependent on their level of experience and the geographic area they cover.

Player Development Specialist

A Player Development Specialist focuses on improving players’ skills and performance through individualized coaching sessions. They work closely with athletes to develop their physical and technical abilities, ensuring continuous growth and improvement.

The average Player Development Specialist salary is $45,409.

Video Analyst

A Video Analyst uses video technology to analyze games and training sessions, providing coaches and players with detailed insights into tactics, performance, and areas for improvement. They play a critical role in the team’s preparation and strategy development.

The average Sports Video Analyst salary is $57,126 annually, based on their expertise in video analysis and the impact of their work on team performance.

Careers in coaching and player development within the WNBA are both challenging and rewarding. These WNBA jobs offer the chance to directly influence professional athletes’ careers, contribute to a team’s success, and be part of an elite sporting environment.

Community Relations and Social Impact

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The WNBA is deeply committed to making a positive impact in communities. Careers in community relations and social responsibility involve organizing outreach programs, partnerships with non-profits, and initiatives focused on education, health, and social justice. These WNBA jobs offer the opportunity to drive meaningful change and showcase the league’s values beyond the basketball court.

WNBA Jobs in Community Relations and Social Impact

Community Relations Manager

A Community Relations Manager leads the development and implementation of community outreach programs and partnerships. They work closely with local organizations, schools, and non-profits to organize events and initiatives promoting the WNBA’s commitment to social responsibility.

The average Community Relations Manager’s salary is $113,693 annually, depending on the scope of the programs and the geographic location.

Corporate Social Responsibility Coordinator

A Corporate Social Responsibility Coordinator supports executing the league’s social responsibility strategy, focusing on areas such as health and wellness, youth development, and social justice. They help to coordinate initiatives, track progress, and engage with community members and stakeholders.

The average Corporate Social Responsibility Coordinator’s salary is $54,849 annually, reflecting the level of responsibility and the impact of their work on the community.

Educational Programs Specialist

An Educational Programs Specialist designs and oversees educational initiatives that leverage the WNBA’s platform to inspire and educate young people. This may include developing school curricula, organizing educational events, and creating mentorship programs.

The average Educational Programs Specialist’s salary is $76,480, based on their expertise in educational programming and the reach of their initiatives.

Health and Wellness Advocate

A Health and Wellness Advocate promotes community health and wellness initiatives, focusing on nutrition, physical activity, and mental health. They collaborate with health organizations to organize clinics, workshops, and campaigns that align with the WNBA’s mission to empower individuals and communities.

The average annual salary for a Health and Wellness Advocate is $45,058, depending on their experience and the partnerships they foster.

Diversity and Inclusion Officer

A Diversity and Inclusion Officer ensures that the WNBA’s values of diversity and inclusion are reflected in its community programs and internal practices. They work to create an inclusive environment, promote diversity initiatives, and address issues of inequality and injustice within the community.

The average salary for a Diversity and Inclusion Officer is $97,562 annually, reflecting the importance of their role in shaping the league’s social impact and internal culture.

Working in community relations and social impact within the WNBA is an opportunity to make a significant difference in the lives of many. These roles are ideal for individuals passionate about social change, community engagement, and using sports as a force for good.

Why Pursue a Career in WNBA Jobs?

There are a variety of reasons to pursue a career in the WNBA. Let’s explore just a few:

Dynamic Work Environment: WNBA jobs offer a vibrant and stimulating work setting where innovation thrives. Professionals here are at the forefront of transforming women’s basketball, employing cutting-edge strategies in sports management, athlete development, and fan engagement.

Personal and Professional Growth: The league nurtures talent across all levels, promoting continuous learning and growth. Employees can access development programs, leadership training, and mentorship opportunities, facilitating personal and career advancement.

Diverse Career Opportunities: With roles ranging from careers in sports medicine to digital content creation, the WNBA caters to a wide array of interests and expertise. This diversity in career paths means there’s a place for everyone, from the strategists and storytellers to the healers and motivators.

Impactful Work: Every position within the WNBA carries the potential to make a lasting impact. Whether through community outreach, promoting health and wellness, or inspiring the next generation of athletes, your work contributes to a legacy of change and progress.

Be Part of a Community: The WNBA’s culture is built on collaboration, respect, and unity. Employees form a close-knit community united by a shared passion for the game and its potential to drive social good.

Embarking on a WNBA career means more than just fulfilling professional goals—it’s about contributing to a meaningful cause. With a commitment to diversity, empowerment, and innovation, the WNBA is an ideal place for those looking to make a significant impact while advancing their careers in a dynamic and supportive environment.

Where To Find a Career in the WNBA

Now is the time to explore how your talents and passions can align with the WNBA’s mission. Whether you aim to innovate in sports management, inspire on the coaching front, or drive social change, the WNBA invites you to contribute to its vibrant growth and share in its success.

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