The decisions made by politicians in America’s capital affect millions of people across the country and, in some cases, billions more around the world. Bills become laws in Capital Building chambers, decisive executive action is taken within the walls of the White House and Supreme Court Justices weigh in on decisions that ultimately impact our entire nation. The political machine drives this city of over 650,000—hundreds of thousands of professionals earn their livings with government connected jobs. D.C. dwellers work hard and need to destress from long days and nights in this hyperintense environment. While monuments, memorials and historic buildings draw millions of tourists each year, residents demand fresh entertainment; Washington sports teams are happy to oblige.

Washington, D.C. is a government town, through-and-through. Over a quarter of the jobs in the city are accounted for by the federal government. Tourism is also a huge part of D.C.’s economics followed by ever-growing areas of scientific research, finance, public policy and education. Many Washingtonians spend their days in federal buildings, lobbyist offices, defense facilities and think tanks. The luckiest of professionals enjoy the joys of a sports job.

Culture is a given in the nation’s capital. The Lincoln Memorial, Washington Monument, the Smithsonian Institute, Jefferson Memorial, the National Archives and the Vietnam Veterans Memorial are just a few of the many historic landmarks that dot the urban sprawl. While tourists wander the streets of this walking city to take in the sites, residents are often found in the quietest corners of the National Mall and walking the shores of the Potomac River. The architecture, cityscape, culture, art and history make Washington, D.C. one of the truly great American cities. The town’s professional sports teams keep residents buzzing.

The Washington Capitals are skating circles around their opponents this season racking up the most wins in the National Hockey League while team leader Alex Ovechkin leads the league in goals. They’re headed back to the playoffs and could meet the Blackhawks in the Stanley Cup Finals. The Wizards—formerly the Bullets—are seemingly on the upswing despite some struggles this season. John Wall and Bradley Beal are stars, Marcin Gortat remains a presence in the paint while youngster Otto Porter has shown signs of promise. With an outside shot at signing hometown son Kevin Durant this upcoming offseason and the likelihood of a new coach next season, fans are holding on to hope. RGIII is out, Kirk Cousins has been franchised tagged, Jordan Reed is a budding star and, yes, the Redskins are still called the Redskins. Most importantly, owner Daniel Snyder continues to empower team president Bruce Allen make football decisions. The Nationals baseball team are projected by Fangraphs to make a run at the Mets in the N.L. East this season. With Stephen Strasburg and Max Scherzer anchoring the rotation and reigning MVP Bryce Harper driving in runs, the Nationals will make a run at the pennant in 2016. Washington, D.C. hosts four professional sports teams and it’s one of just over a dozen teams to do so because fans support their home franchises every summer, fall, winter and spring.

D.C. professional and amateur sports franchises as well as the businesses that support them need career-minded, smart full-timers and interns. One franchise needs a gameday operations coordinator while another team is looking for a travel coordinator. Sales and operations, video, community relations and digital marketing interns will gain value experience while contributing directly to the successes of teams around the city. And writers are being hired to cover the ups-and-downs of the city’s franchises. Teams like the Nationals, Mystics, Redskins, Capitals and Wizards compete for fans’ dollars and attention every season. Each of them, and the companies that support them, looks for the brightest minds and hardest workers to gain that competitive advantage.  

Washington, D.C. is an amazing city that mixes a storied history with a modern, urban vibe. There are fulfilling careers in all industries across D.C. that will challenge the best of us. This eastern seaboard government town will open your eyes to a world of possibilities.