Podcasts have become one of the best resources for consuming information, and they are continually rising in popularity. Edison Research’s The Podcast Consumer study from May 2015 found that almost one-third of Americans say they have listened to a podcast — a big jump from just 11 percent in 2006.

It’s no wonder so many niche-themed podcasts are emerging on the scene. There is now something for everyone — and that includes people who are searching for sports jobs.

Here are some of the best podcasts for sports job seekers to listen to:

Hang Up and Listen &  Mike & Mike

Assuming you’re a sports fan, you probably already have a few sports podcasts in your lineup. Given the amount of content, it can be difficult to discern which ones best suit you, so it’s important to find the best of the best.  

Slate and Panoply offer Hang Up and Listen, a weekly discussion format with Slate sports editor Josh Levin, writer Stefan Fatsis, and Mike Pesca. They cover a wide variety of topics like the 2016 Olympics, the MLB postseason, and the ins and outs of sports writing, among many others.

ESPN’s Mike & Mike podcast delivers the popular radio show hosted by Mike Greenberg and Mike Golic in a condensed “best of” format and also breaks down each hour into separate episodes. So this is a great option for those who want an abridged version of their breakdown of sports news or want to listen to the whole show at their own pace.

Ask Mike Reinold

Michael Reinold is a world-renowned leader in sports medicine, fitness, and performance. He combines his strength and conditioning specialty to deliver expert insights on physical therapy, fitness, strength and conditioning, sports performance, baseball, business, and career advice.

This is a great resource for candidates hoping to get into physical therapy or other sports jobs in fitness. You can learn anything from preventing quad atrophy and dry needling best practices to which dual degrees are worth pursuing and knowing when it’s time to open your own physical therapy clinic.

The Sport Industry Access Podcast

Ed Bowers delivers a weekly show based out of the UK that provides college students with advice and tips on pursuing a career in sports. He interviews industry experts and dives into how they embarked on their successful career journeys.

His guests are diverse. For example, the most popular episode explores how a degree in psychology helps bring career prospects.

Makers of Sport

Entrepreneur and designer Adam Martin has run this podcast for more than two years. He focuses on creativity and how it’s used within the sports world.

Every other week, Martin sits down with art directors, graphic designers, product creators, and other creative types who are making an impact in sports. This is the perfect listen for any creative person looking to start a successful sports career with a professional organization, design firm, or any other creative opportunity.

He also offers bonus content for a monthly subscription fee of $25 or a yearly subscription for $250. This includes private Q&As with past and future guests, monthly virtual meetings with colleagues, and access to Slack channels, which is a great opportunity to expand your professional network.

Happen to Your Career

Are you a job seeker looking for a career change? Are you seeking more meaningful work in your life? This is the perfect podcast for you.

Scott Anthony Barlow, a professional business coach, started the show in 2013 to bring insights on helping people find work that aligns with their unique strengths. This is a great tool to inspire you to keep searching for that meaningful career.

Well Kept Wallet

Similar to Happen to Your Career, this podcast focuses on helping job seekers find the careers they love, but it also offers lifestyle and money management advice.

Deacon Hayes is a financial expert who offers coaching and business consulting. He was featured in Yahoo Finance and CNN Money, and this podcast gives him a chance to interview other professionals to share career and lifestyle advice.

Each of these podcasts has its own unique value to provide any candidate looking for sports jobs. You need a balance of podcast content, where you can learn the specifics of the sports industry, targeted career advice, and lifestyle tips.

What podcasts do you listen to in order to improve your chances of finding sports jobs?