If you love basketball but aren’t an athlete yourself, a coaching career could be a great way for you to earn a living while still experiencing the thrill of the game. Not everyone is cut out to be a coach, but if you have a passion for the game and enjoy helping people work together as a team, you may have what it takes to succeed.

Basketball coaches do a lot more than stand on the sidelines during games. They are responsible for organizing and supervising team practices, helping direct and oversee activities and drills to condition players, analyzing individual players, and coming up with and executing strategies designed to help the team win their games.

Here are some of the skills you need to land a coaching job:

Requirements to Become a Basketball Coach

While the specific certifications and skills required to get your first basketball coaching job often vary from state to state and may depend on what level the players are (i.e., middle school, high school, college, semi-pro, or professional), here are some of the most common certifications that can help you land that job:

  • You’ll typically need a bachelor’s degree. Some coaching jobs may specify that they want candidates with a degree in sports management, Kinesiology, physical education, exercise science, sports medicine, or physiology.
  • Certification may also be required by the state for middle school and/or high school coaching jobs. While the requirements will be state-specific, generally, certification involves:
    • Fundamentals of coaching certification
    • First aid, health, and safety certification
    • Concussion in sports certification

Some states will also require coaches to have a teaching license, like any other educator in the school system, or a specific coaching license. If you already have a degree and just need to get licensed, you should be able to take coursework at almost any university to prepare you for licensing.
Beyond specific education and certification, if you’re working with children, you should enjoy doing so.

For those just getting started as basketball coaches, it’s important to have realistic expectations. That means without experience as a coach, you are not likely to get a job as a college basketball coach.

Start with community or school coaching or assistant coach roles that will help you gain the experience and confidence you need for a long and happy career as a basketball coach. Make sure that you check your state’s requirements, and start building your plan from there.

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