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There are so many lucrative sports jobs to choose from. Several of them offer great salaries. However, you want more than just a paycheck.

You want a job that matches your personality, and you deserve to work for a sports employer that aligns with your values. If you’re a numbers cruncher who loves data and analysis, one of the best sports jobs for you is in analytics.

The world of sports analytics is competitive, which is why you need to start with the right program. Here are some of the best sports analytics programs you need to consider:

Where to Pursue Your Sports Analytics Degree

Syracuse University

This is the first undergraduate degree focused solely on sports analytics. The Department of Sports Management offers a Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Sports Analytics, as well as a Sports Analytics minor. Let’s take a look at each program:

Sports Analytics Minor:


This 18-credit program is designed for students who want to complement their chosen major with some knowledge of analytics.

The curriculum includes courses covering topics like sports data analysis, sports economics, database management systems, application programming for information systems, and price theory.

Sport Analytics BS:

This 125-credit undergraduate program is perfect for those who want to specialize in sports analytics. In addition to the curriculum mentioned in the minor program, this program also covers topics like web scraping with Python, essentials of accounting and finance, professional development in sports management, and database and programming for sports analytics.

Related Jobs

According to the program description on Syracuse University’s website, when you earn your BS, you are ready to:

  • Explain, discuss, and analyze core principles and concepts of sport management
  • Compile and organize data from sports teams, leagues, and related businesses
  • Interpret data from the sports industry and identify patterns via statistical analysis, visualization, and data mining
  • Extract, scrape, manage, and parse data for use in statistical analyses
  • Interpret the data derived from the analyses to make recommendations for business decisions within sports organizations
  • Communicate sport analytics concepts in writing and orally, clearly and concisely

American University

This college offers higher-level programs. The Online Master of Science in Sports Analytics and Management program is a 36-credit program that you can complete over 24 months.

The curriculum includes courses such as Sports Technology & Innovation, Sports Analytics & Social Engagement, and Digital Enterprises in Sports. It also includes professional courses like Project Cost-Benefit Analysis, Professional Ethics & Project Leadership, and Client Communications & Professional Consulting.

For prospective students who are interested in how sports jobs in analytics are changing and how the sports industry is evolving, the university offers several resources, like webinars and articles.

If you don’t want to commit to earning the MS, apply for their Online Graduate Certificate in Sports Analytics and Management, which is a 12-credit program. You can complete this in six to eight months. The best part: if you decide to pursue the MS later, you can apply these 12 credits to the full degree.

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Northwestern University

Another great option for graduate programs, Northwestern offers both a Sports Analytics Certificate Program and a Master’s in Sports Administration Specialties with a Sports Analytics Specialization online.

The certificate requires four courses: Math for Modelers, Statistical Analysis, Sports Performance Analytics, and Sports Management Analytics. This is meant for students who already hold a graduate degree in Predictive Analytics or a similar field.

The specialization requires the same four courses and is meant for students earning a Master’s in Sports Administration Specialties.

Other Concentrations

Indiana University’s Master of Science in Applied Data Science with a specialization in Sports Analytics program is perfect if you’re pursuing a graduate degree in data science and want to focus your career on sports. Students develop skills in data analysis, data management and infrastructure, client-server application development, and ethical and professional management of informatics projects.

Temple University also offers a sports analytics concentration in the M.S. in Sport Business. This is unique because the program is part of a partnership with Temple’s Fox School of Business’ Master of Science in Business Analytics.

Your Next Steps

Once you’re certain you want to find sports jobs in the analytics field, first, you need to determine what program is right for you.

If you already have a bachelor’s degree and some professional experience, the next step is to look at master’s degree programs.

Let’s say you are most interested in the sports business, and you still want to learn sports analytics. Then, Temple University’s MS specialization is perfect for you.

If you have already studied predictive analytics and data science, the Northwestern certificate program gives you a unique opportunity to focus your analytics knowledge in the sports world.

For freshmen who are determined to be the go-to expert in all things sports analytics, the BS program at Syracuse is ideal.

No matter where you are in your career, you have a lot of strong sports analytics programs to choose from. When you identify the best options for you, make a list, prioritize them and research the application process for each program. Don’t miss deadlines and have to wait for the next year!

Look for ways to stand out in the admissions process, like writing a strong admissions essay and earning professional recommendations from your employers. When you get that acceptance letter, you’re well on your way to an exciting sports career.

How are you preparing for a sports analytics job? Share in the comments!