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The best path to finding the perfect sports marketing job is usually an entry-level position that provides an excellent opportunity to gain valuable experience in the sports industry. Although the pay for these jobs is expectedly not very high, the people you meet and the knowledge you gain often play a key role in being promoted to a position with a higher salary.

There are a variety of sports jobs available that offer advancement opportunities for recent college graduates and others who desire a career in sports marketing. If you’re willing to work hard and enjoy the challenges of working in a fast-paced environment, the sky is the limit when it comes to finding the marketing job of your dreams.

Entry-level sports marketing jobs you should consider

Here are some of the best entry-level sports marketing jobs to consider when starting your new career.

1. Experiential Marketing Assistant

Becoming an Experiential Marketing Assistant is a fun marketing job for recent college graduates who have an outgoing, engaging personality. You’ll be assisting with grassroots and local marketing efforts, as well as coordinating in-stadium events.

Although this position requires an understanding of professional baseball and sports culture, it’s a great entry-level sports marketing job and career-booster if you have exceptional communication and problem-solving skills.

2. Assistant Box Office Manager

As an Assistant Box Office Manager, you’ll be responsible for selling and maintaining season tickets, partial plans, and group tickets to companies and individuals. A Bachelor’s Degree is preferred, and you must have the ability to work independently and remain focused on sales goals.

Besides assisting the Box Office Manager in all aspects of marketing ticket programs, this sports marketing job also requires effective communication with fans, customers, and employees in a professional manner.

3. Marketing & Promotions Assistant

The duties of an entry-level Marketing & Promotions Assistant include assisting the marketing staff in the team’s essential functions with publications, website maintenance, promotional materials, and much more. This is a demanding position that requires a degree in marketing, journalism, or public relations.

However, if you have excellent organizational skills, strong attention to detail, and perform well in a fast-paced environment, this might be the perfect job to jumpstart your career in sports marketing.

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4. Special Events Coordinator

Like sales? If so, becoming a Special Events Coordinator could be the perfect sports job for you. While this position requires a degree and extended work hours (including weekends), you’ll receive a base salary plus a generous bonus structure.

To be successful, you must be comfortable making phone calls to clients and customers since your primary duties will be to sell special eventsat the stadium. However, if you’re a self-starter with excellent phone and communication skills, this is a great entry-level sports marketing job with benefits.

5. Bilingual Marketing Assistant

If you’re searching for a sports marketing job that allows you to use your verbal and writing skills in both English and Spanish, becoming a Bilingual Marketing Assistant is undoubtedly the perfect opportunity.

A good place to look for job openings is with minor or major league baseball teams. This position serves as the primary translator for Spanish-speaking players during interviews and works closely with the Hispanic and Latino community to help recruit new fans. A 4-year degree in sports management or marketing is recommended.

6. Media Relations Assistant

Another excellent entry-level sports marketing job is a Media Relations Assistant, providing customer service to fans and media. You must have excellent oral and written communication skills, high attention to detail, and the ability to work in a fast-paced environment.

Besides assisting both the promotional and sales departments, you’ll also be writing press releases and facilitating media requests and interviews, all of which is experience that can lead to even better career opportunities.

7. Community Relations and Marketing Assistant

Although the Community Relations and Marketing Assistant is a seasonal position, it’s an excellent pathway to a career in sports marketing. You must have a keen interest in the sports industry and have experience writing and editing press releases.

assisting with creating marketing literature for digital and print advertising, you’ll also help develop partnerships with representatives from local communities and organizations in this public-facing entry-level job in sports.

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