An eSports team competes to win a major tournament.

In this week’s social media poll, we asked if you thought eSports was the future or just a trend, and you did not disappoint. It seems that eSports have a bright future, as 69% of respondents stated that they believe eSports are the next big thing.

Facebook post: mind blown emoji Crazy: According to Forbes:
Facebook Poll Results: 63% of eSports are the future, 37% of eSports are just a trend.
Twitter Poll Results: 75% of eSports are the future, 25% of eSports are just a trend.

If you think that eSports are just a trend – the data seems to disagree. Since 2016, eSports events have shown a 19.3% increase year over year. In fact, the 2018 League of Legends World Championship finals drew in over 100 Million viewers, nearly 2 million more viewers than 2019’s Super Bowl LIII.

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