how to get a sports management job in mlb

Have you always wanted to work in baseball? Do you dream of being an employee of the MLB? You’re in luck. Regardless of your talents and interests, there are numerous Major League Baseball jobs available to those willing to work hard.

You’re more likely to get an MLB job if you have the proper qualifications. Earning a degree or certification in sports management will help. Taking this extra step demonstrates to potential employers that you genuinely care about understanding the industry.

In the meantime, this guide will help you better understand what steps you can take to break into the MLB. Keep these points in mind as you develop a plan for your career.

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4 Things You Need to Do to Get a Major League Baseball Job

1. Get an Education

Again, sports jobs can vary, even in Major League Baseball. You might become a sports marketer, PR specialist, event coordinator, content creator, member of the coaching staff, data analyst, and much more. No matter which role you choose to pursue, it will be easier to land your dream job if you study a related subject in college.

get a sports management degree

That’s not to say you can’t pursue a sports management career with the MLB if you’re not in a position to attend college at the moment. Maybe you already have a degree and don’t have the time to go back and get another one.

In that case, you can still earn a sports management certification. Many programs can be completed online, which is perfect for someone with a busy schedule. In some cases, they also provide you with the option to focus on a particular area of sports management, such as marketing.

You might have to work harder than others to make an impression during sports job interviews if you didn’t study a relevant subject at a major university. However, again, by putting in the effort to get a supplemental degree or certification, you’ll prove you have the dedication necessary to succeed as an MLB employee.

2. Consider Internships

Getting a job in any industry is always much easier when you know the right people. It’s also easier when you’ve previously had opportunities to show them just how hard you work.

That’s a good reason anyone interested in Major League Baseball jobs should consider an internship. Opportunities to become an intern are frequently available. An internship gives you the chance to experience what an MLB job would consist of and can also help you meet people who may recommend you for jobs in the future.

It’s worth noting that not everyone can justify taking on the responsibilities of an intern. You may have other responsibilities in your life that need to take priority. Once more, this doesn’t mean you need to give up on your dream job in sports if you’re in that type of situation. An internship makes getting an MLB job easier, but it’s by no means the only route you may take.

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3. Consider Starting at a University

Your eventual goal is to work for the MLB. That said, you may want to begin by pursuing similar jobs with smaller organizations and institutions. Doing so allows you to build your skills and knowledge before moving up to the major leagues. Additionally, the more relevant experience you have, the more you’ll stand out to hiring managers.

work for a minor league team to get a jobs in sports management

Consider starting your career by working for a college’s athletics department. University sports programs often need employees to fill the same roles the MLB needs. For example, perhaps your dream Major League Baseball job involves coordinating games and other major events. If this is the case, you can become an events coordinator at a college first. The events you must plan at this stage in your career will often be smaller than those you’ll organize as an employee of the MLB. Again, this gives you more chances to practice. The more you practice, the stronger a job candidate you will be.

Working for minor league teams and organizations is another option to consider. This is particularly worth keeping in mind if none of the universities in your area are known for their sports programs. In this case, getting a job in the minor leagues might provide you with more valuable experiences.

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4. Attend the Baseball Winter Meetings

Networking is essential when pursuing MLB jobs. Remember, if you don’t have the freedom to take on an internship at the moment, you can take other steps to meet the right people.

Consider attending the Baseball Winter Meeting. Held every December, this event attracts both job-seekers and employers throughout the MLB. Attending gives you a valuable opportunity to network with professionals in the industry. On top of that, the event also features educational workshops and similar activities. Participating in them will help you further develop your understanding of the league, which is key to giving an impressive job interview in the future.

It’s a smart idea to go into the Baseball Winter Meeting prepared. You’re more likely to take advantage of this experience if you have a plan. For instance, you might set a goal for how many people you want to give your resume to by the end of the event. Casting the widest net possible will boost your odds of getting a Major League Baseball job.

Just remember not to be pushy! Employers attending the Baseball Winter Meeting know job-seekers are eager to impress, but they don’t want to be bombarded with persistent questions and demands.

The most important point to keep in mind is that Major League Baseball jobs are abundant. There are plenty of roles to be filled. With a sports management certification or relevant degree, you can find a sports job that will develop into a truly rewarding career. These tips will simply help you get started.