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NASCAR is one of the world’s most popular sports organizations. It’s easy to understand why. The intensity of NASCAR races makes them undeniably exciting.

However, not all NASCAR fans are content to simply watch the races and follow their favorite drivers. Some are also interested in NASCAR job opportunities. 

Like most jobs in sports, working for NASCAR can give a fan a chance to enjoy a career that involves work they’re genuinely passionate about. If you’re interested in NASCAR jobs, here are some of the top opportunities to keep in mind. 

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Best Jobs In Nascar

Race Official

nascar racing jobs

NASCAR race officials have a very important responsibility. As fun and fast-paced as NASCAR races may be, this type of sport inherently involves a certain degree of risk. It’s crucial that someone take all steps necessary to ensure the danger to drivers is minimized.

They thoroughly check and test all vehicles to ensure optimal safety. Additionally, they’re responsible for enforcing the strict safety rules NASCAR requires racing teams to follow. 

Keep in mind that race officials don’t work alone, as it’s the type of racing job that requires communication. NASCAR race officials operate like referees, communicating with one another throughout a race, particularly when they suspect a driver may have broken a rule or otherwise created an unsafe situation.

Don’t worry if you doubt you have the technical knowledge to take on this particular NASCAR job just yet. While it does help to have some technical background, it’s worth noting that NASCAR Technical Institute (part of the Universal Technical Institute) in Mooresville, NC, offers a training program. Consider applying if you’re interested in the type of racing job that will provide you with a front-row seat to the action.

As with most NASCAR jobs, your salary will depend on such factors as experience. The average salary for a NASCAR race official is $70,601, although the top earners can take in more than $127,229.

2. Pit Crew Member

nascar team jobs pit crew opportunities

Many people who dream of landing NASCAR team jobs aspire to be pit crew members. Like race coordinators, their role is essential. They not only help drivers stay safe, but they directly contribute to a team’s success. Their job can also be relatively fast-paced at times, which may appeal to those interested in the most dynamic and exciting sports jobs.

Just keep in mind this is the type of NASCAR job that requires dedication. First of all, NASCAR pit crew members need to be athletes themselves to some degree. NASCAR team trainers often put candidates through grueling physical tests to ensure they can keep up with the demands of the job.

Working your way up the ladder in this position also tends to require patience. Most pit crew members start out working races on lower NASCAR series, earning up to $600 per race, plus expenses. Many pit crew members work scores of these races before earning a regular spot on a team, which usually takes about four years.

That said, pit crew members who do reach this level can make up to $120,000 annually, with some of the top performers taking in as much as $200,000, according to Phil Horton, NASCAR’s director of athletic performance. If you’re willing to work hard, you could join their ranks.

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3. Marketing or Public Relations Specialist

nascar marketing jobs

It’s important to understand that not all NASCAR jobs are necessarily NASCAR team jobs (or any other position that involves being directly involved in races). For instance, like virtually all other major sports organizations, NASCAR also relies on marketing and PR experts to help them promote races and events to the public.

The importance of sports marketing jobs is also growing. That’s because, along with such traditional channels as TV, radio, and print, sports organizations like NASCAR must also now market themselves via digital channels. Therefore, it’s likely NASCAR job opportunities for those interested in marketing will only increase in the coming years.

Another option to consider is a job in NASCAR’s PR department. While marketers directly promote the organization, a PR specialist is more involved in making sure the organization has a positive relationship with the public and all stakeholders. For example, if an accident occurred during a race, a PR specialist might coordinate a campaign to ensure the public understands NASCAR is doing everything it can to avoid similar incidents in the future.

The amount of money you earn in one of these positions will depend on your specific role. Someone just starting in the marketing department will naturally earn less than someone managing it. However, the typical marketing manager salary range across most industries is about $50,000 to $140,000. A PR manager usually takes in between $50,000 and $100,000.

4. Events Coordinator

nascar team jobs

Anyone who has ever been to a NASCAR race (or simply watched one on TV) knows that they are massive events. The people organizing them need to account for a range of factors, including fan attendance, media presence, food service, safety measures, and much, much more.

Someone is responsible for making sure these events run as smoothly as possible. That person is an event coordinator. As the name implies, they coordinate with all relevant parties to ensure a safe and enjoyable race for everyone involved. This is the type of sports job you might pursue if you have strong attention to detail and the ability to work well with others.

Although official salary info for NASCAR event coordinators isn’t available, the average salary for a general sports event coordinator is about $45,000.

NASCAR Jobs: Get in on the Action

Remember, these are by no means the only NASCAR job opportunities available to someone looking to work for the organization. They’re simply some of the more significant. Luckily, as this list probably helped you realize, regardless of your specific skills, experience, and interests, there’s a good chance you can find the ideal NASCAR job for your goals.