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While XFL jobs are not immediately available (as of September 2020), they will be soon. With a change of ownership and preparation for a second relaunch of the league, the XFL 3.0 reboot, new jobs will be announced in the coming months and years.


The XFL 3.0 leadership — Dany Garcia, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, and RedBird Capital — took command of the organization on August 21, 2020. It was just over two and a half years prior, on January 25, 2018, when XFL 2.0 was announced. Actually, a rival league, the AFL, started up and shut down in between that announcement and the pandemic. The XFL was just getting active at the beginning of COVID-19, but it looked promising.

A few months passed, the league changed hands, and now both football fans and those interested in football jobs want to know when teams expect to be ready to start hiring and playing. While no immediate schedule has been released, a few sports marketing jobs were offered recently; and we expect more opportunities for XFL careers to become available in the coming months.

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Top Jobs in the XFL

Here are the top 6 exciting positions that will open soon as the league relaunches – in three broad categories: marketing, coaching, and athlete health.

#1. Marketing specialist

In these XFL jobs, you report to the team’s director of marketing. You work with internal and external parties to plan and, in some cases, lead campaign execution. You work with external agencies to develop and prepare projects. Using a comprehensive marketing plan as your guide, you focus on multiple channels to drive the promotion of ticket sales, as well as the success of other events and projects. Two other typical core responsibilities are to improve attendance via fan events and to manage the gathering of data during promotions.

#2. Marketing director

You work with the president and other top team executives to design and manage the business strategy and marketing of the brand. To land these jobs in football, you need to know the market and maintain familiarity with all relevant intelligence. You are in charge of all promotional efforts and advertising campaigns. You build relationships with important local and regional sponsors and partners. You closely study market research in collaboration with your marketing staff and provide your insights to sharpen the team’s sales strategy.

#3. Strength and conditioning coach

To land one of these XFL jobs, you will likely need to start out working at a private-sector training firm or for a university team. The XFL salary for strength and conditioning coach positions should be competitive with what is offered by the NFL, with entry-level assistant positions drawing mid-five figures and head strength coaches making hundreds of thousands.

#4. Quality control coach

The quality control coach is an entry-level preparatory analysis position that XFL teams will want in order to gain an edge. These jobs in football involve looking at tape and data analytics of opponents as far as five weeks prior to your team matching up against them. The primary responsibility of the quality control coach is the study of upcoming opponents. However, there is also a little bit of direct coaching in these XFL jobs: the QC coach uses their analysis of opponents to run the scout team, which the QCC trains to imitate the on-field patterns of the rival.

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#5. Physical therapist (PT)

If your interest is football jobs that are particularly smart from a market perspective, consider XFL careers in physical therapy (PT). Looking at the physical therapy sector broadly, these positions are set to expand by 18 percent from 2019 to 2029 – with the Bureau of Labor Statistics describing this growth rate as “much faster than average.” Physical therapists are on the sidelines at games and practices, ready to help treat any athlete injuries. They diagnose, treat, and prevent injuries throughout the week.

#6. Registered dietician (RD)

Another area in which people can focus their XFL careers is athlete eating habits, with a registered dietician career. These jobs in sports nutrition involve determining ideal daily caloric intake and designing meal plans for players. Dieticians advocate the most nutrient-rich and performance-oriented diets. This position can have a major impact on operations, as seen in NFL cafeterias that have served two completely separate menus of food (as have the Houston Texans) — one regular, the other meeting American Heart Association (AHA), or other standards.

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