11 of the Creepiest Sports Team Mascot Jobs

Mascot jobs are great opportunities for those wanting to work in sports and interact with the crowd. While we can agree that most mascots are more fun than intimidating, there are some that will leave you guessing – or even a bit frightened. If you’re interested in pursuing a career as a sports mascot and having a bit of an edge sounds appealing, check some of the creepiest team mascots out there.

Scariest Team Mascot Jobs

Team: Fort Wayne Mad Ants

Fort Wayne Mad Ants
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Mascot jobs can be difficult when you have to play the part of an insect. This mascot idea asked what would happen if you created a hybrid of a red ant and a ‘roid-raging bodybuilder. Its face suggested it wanted to kill you, not to eat you but simply for fun. Recognizing the creepiness of the mascot along the way, the team has now changed its colors to a calmer blue and given the anthropomorphic ant a less muscle-bound physique.

Team: Calgary Flames

Calgary Flames
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This bulging-eyed mascot has a tongue extending eighteen inches out of its mouth as if dying of dehydration.

Team: Wichita State Shockers

Wichita State Shockers
Photo courtesy of https://www.youtube.com

When you are considering mascot jobs, you may come across a position at Wichita State. When you stare into the eyes of WuShock, you may first think the bright yellow, demented Frankenstein version of Bart Simpson is either happy or angry. As you look closer, though, you see that WuShock’s expression is a subdued mania and that the mascot may wreak havoc on the stadium at a moment’s notice.

Team: Chiba Lotte Marines

Chiba Lotte Marines
Photo courtesy of https://www.reddit.com

This Japanese mascot is horribly disturbing – not just because of how it looks but because of its behavior. Neon pink and light blue, the fish is terrified, with its eyes wide and its mouth open.

Mascot jobs are perhaps never creepier than when the person inside The Mysterious Fish plays the part of the fish’s vomit. They literally wear a fish skeleton costume and push themselves out of the fish’s mouth onto the field during breaks in games.

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Team: Ottawa Senators

Ottawa Senators
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This mascot looks like Lennie might have looked in Of Mice and Men right before he accidentally kills his puppy. Among sports team mascot jobs, this position suggests you just rolled into town in a boxcar and are making your way around town, peeping in everyone’s windows.

Team: Purdue Boilermakers

Purdue Boilermakers
Photo courtesy of https://en.wikipedia.org/

Purdue Pete is strong, with stone-cold eyes and a blank expression that seems to say he will do whatever it takes, regardless of how creepy. To make matters more horrifying, Pete is one of the only sports mascots to have ever carried a weapon: he walks around with a sledgehammer.

Team: Anaheim Ducks

Anaheim Ducks
Photo courtesy of https://www.sharpside.com

If you are walking down the street late at night and see this mascot following closely behind you, call in reinforcements. Among the most unsettling sports mascots, Wild Wing does not talk but simply stares with a psychotic menace through the holes in his hockey mask.

Team: New Orleans Pelicans

New Orleans Pelicans
Photo courtesy of https://www.usatoday.com

Most mascot jobs do not require you to wear a diaper, but this one does. King Cake Babies were dolls that were found inside king cakes, which were New Orleans desserts. These dolls were believed to bring the finder good luck.

Dolls can be incredibly creepy, and King Cake Baby is an extreme example of that truism. The mascot looks less like a baby than like a king who has lost his mind and started sauntering around in an adult diaper.

Is the mask terrifying? A lawsuit illuminates this question. When a horror film called Happy Death Day was released, King Baby Cake’s creator sued its producers for using a mask that they claimed inspired their baby.

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Team: Patrick Thistle FC

Patrick Thistle FC
Photo courtesy of https://www.pinterest.com

If you see Kingsley coming your way, turn around and start screaming. Not only does Kingsley look like he is out for blood, but also his anatomy is shocking. His neck runs straight into his groin, and his arms connect with his shoulder-less body at the head.

Team: Ehime FC

Ehime FC
Photo courtesy of https://www.zimbio.com

Some of the creepiest mascots are anthropomorphized fruit. Iyokanta, a mascot for a Japanese soccer team, is no exception. Iyokanta has an orange for a head. His mouth perpetually agape, Iyokanta looks like he is trying to forget the countless acts of brutality he has committed.

Team: Southern Illinois Salukis

Southern Illinois Salukis
Photo courtesy of https://www.facebook.com

This is the Saluki you see in your nightmares. Among team mascot jobs, this one has to be one of the most frustrating. You try to approach children with your bared teeth and canine death stare, and they start crying and begging to go home.

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