On October 24th,  Khabib Nurmagomedov defeated UFC Interim Lightweight champion Justin Gaethje in a unification bout. The victory returned the Lightweight Championship to Khabib and marked his 29th consecutive professional victory and his 13th in the UFC. 

Following his victory, Nurmagomedev announced that he would be retiring as a professional fighter, stating that he had given his mother his word that he would not continue to fight without his late father, who succumbed to complications from COVID-19. 

Following the surprise announcement, we wanted to know your thoughts: Do you think Khabib will remain retired, or do you take him at his word?


Twitter Poll Results: 75% for Heck Yeah!, 25% for Not a Chance!

Many consider Khabib to be the best fighter to compete in the UFC’s lightweight division, if not the greatest fighter in UFC history. His 13 victories leave him tied for the highest win percentage in the UFC, a tie that he will remain a part of for the remainder of human civilization.

Regardless of whether he is the best of all time or not, it is clear that his presence in the sport will be greatly missed. 

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