best tennis players of all time

Tennis, a sport steeped in tradition and excellence, has given rise to some of the most remarkable athletes in history. From the clay courts of Roland Garros to the grass of Wimbledon, the best tennis players of all time have dazzled fans with their skill, artistry, and unyielding determination. 

Whether it’s the timeless elegance of Roger Federer, the unmatched dominance of Serena Williams, or the trailblazing efforts of Billie Jean King, these iconic players have transcended the game. They’ve etched their names in the record books and shaped the sport, leaving a legacy that continues to inspire. To highlight this fact, we compiled a list of the best tennis players of all time, including the best male tennis players, the best female tennis players, and the best tennis players from each country.

Table of Contents

  1. Methodology: How We Ranked Players
  2. Best Male Tennis Players of All Time
  3. Best Female Tennis Players of All Time
  4. Top Tennis Players by Country
  5. Find Your Role in The Tennis World

Methodology: How We Ranked Players

Ranking the best tennis players is no small feat. This guide considers factors such as titles won, with players like Margaret Court and Roger Federer standing as testaments to sustained excellence. Influence and style are crucial, as players like Rod Laver and Martina Navratilova have shaped the sport and inspired future generations. We also acknowledge consistency and longevity, exemplified by players like Jimmy Connors and Serena Williams, who have adapted and stayed competitive over the years. 

By consulting with experts and considering legacy, sportsmanship, and the ability to transcend the game, we’ve crafted a ranking that honors the richness and complexity of tennis and celebrates the victories, virtues, influence, and indelible marks left on the sport and society.  Whether you’re a seasoned fan or new to tennis, this guide on the best tennis players of all time is sure to enhance your appreciation and understanding of the game.

Best Male Tennis Players of All Time

From Rod Laver to Roger Federer, the men’s game has seen giants who have redefined what’s possible on the court. Their stories are filled with triumph, innovation, and resilience. These are our rankings for the best male tennis players of all time.

Graph showing best male tennis players of all time by number of titles
  1. Roger Federer (Rank 1)
    • Grand Slam Titles: 20
    • Playing Style: Known for his fluid, all-court game
    • Achievements: Record 8 Wimbledon titles, 310 weeks as World No. 1
    • Impact: Federer’s grace, elegance, and extraordinary skill have made him an icon of the sport. His rivalries with Nadal and Djokovic are legendary.
  2. Rafael Nadal (Rank 2)
    • Grand Slam Titles: 13 French Opens among 19 total
    • Playing Style: Dominant on clay, relentless energy
    • Achievements: Olympic gold medal, multiple Davis Cup wins
    • Impact: Known as the “King of Clay,” his topspin forehand and fighting spirit have become his signature.
  3. Novak Djokovic (Rank 3)
    • Grand Slam Titles: 17
    • Playing Style: All-court game, exceptional returner
    • Achievements: Record 8 Australian Open titles, completed Career Golden Masters
    • Impact: Djokovic’s mental toughness, flexibility, and strategic play have set new standards.
  4. Pete Sampras (Rank 4)
    • Grand Slam Titles: 14
    • Playing Style: Powerful serve and volley
    • Achievements: 7 Wimbledon titles, 6 years as year-end World No. 1
    • Impact: Sampras redefined the serve-and-volley game, inspiring a generation of players.
  5. Rod Laver (Rank 5)
    • Grand Slam Titles: 11
    • Playing Style: Adaptable to all surfaces
    • Achievements: Only player with two calendar-year Grand Slams
    • Impact: Laver’s versatility and competitive nature made him one of the most complete players.
  6. Bjorn Borg (Rank 6)
    • Grand Slam Titles: 11
    • Playing Style: Cool demeanor, strong baseline game
    • Achievements: 5 consecutive Wimbledon titles, retired at 26
    • Impact: Borg’s unique style and early retirement left a lasting mark, paving the way for the modern baseline game.
  7. Andre Agassi (Rank 7)
    • Grand Slam Titles: 8
    • Playing Style: Aggressive baseline player
    • Achievements: Career Golden Slam, extensive charity work
    • Impact: Agassi’s flair, personality, and commitment to philanthropy expanded tennis’s reach.
  8. John McEnroe (Rank 8)
    • Grand Slam Titles: 7
    • Playing Style: Artistic touch, serve-and-volley
    • Achievements: Famous rivalries, 4 US Open titles
    • Impact: McEnroe’s fiery personality and artistic play made him one of the sport’s most unforgettable characters.

The Impact on the Game

These men have not only amassed grand titles but have left a lasting legacy on how the game is played and perceived. Their innovative techniques continue influencing modern tennis, while their respectful rivalries and global influence have elevated the sport’s appeal.

The rankings and detailed profiles offer a panoramic view of men’s tennis, celebrating these extraordinary athletes’ achievements, styles, and impacts. They stand as a tribute to the game’s rich history and a source of inspiration for future generations.

Best Female Tennis Players of All Time

From Billie Jean King to Serena Williams, women in tennis have broken barriers and set benchmarks. Their contribution goes beyond the game, making societal impacts that resonate to this day. Here is our ranked list of the best female tennis players of all time.

Best female tennis players of all time
  1. Serena Williams (Rank 1)
    • Grand Slam Titles: 23
    • Playing Style: Powerful serve, aggressive baseline play
    • Achievements: 4 Olympic gold medals, most Grand Slam singles titles in Open Era
    • Impact: Serena’s dominance, passion, and advocacy for gender equality have made her an icon on and off the court.
  2. Steffi Graf (Rank 2)
    • Grand Slam Titles: 22
    • Playing Style: Versatile all-court game, strong forehand
    • Achievements: Only player to win a Golden Slam (1988)
    • Impact: Graf’s consistency, sportsmanship, and graceful play set a new standard for excellence.
  3. Margaret Court (Rank 3)
    • Grand Slam Titles: 24
    • Playing Style: Serve-and-volley, aggressive net play
    • Achievements: Holds the record for most Grand Slam singles titles
    • Impact: Court’s achievements continue to be a benchmark, inspiring new generations.
  4. Martina Navratilova (Rank 4)
    • Grand Slam Titles: 18
    • Playing Style: Left-handed serve-and-volley
    • Achievements: 9 Wimbledon titles, openly gay athlete and advocate
    • Impact: Navratilova’s on-court success and off-court activism have made her a champion of change.
  5. Chris Evert (Rank 5)
    • Grand Slam Titles: 18
    • Playing Style: Consistent baseline player
    • Achievements: 90% win rate in singles matches, 7 French Open titles
    • Impact: Evert’s poise, determination, and rivalry with Navratilova captivated fans worldwide.
  6. Monica Seles (Rank 6)
    • Grand Slam Titles: 9
    • Playing Style: Two-handed forehand and backhand
    • Achievements: Youngest-ever French Open champion
    • Impact: Seles’ unique style and resilience after a traumatic on-court attack inspired many.
  7. Billie Jean King (Rank 7)
    • Grand Slam Titles: 12
    • Playing Style: Aggressive net play, tactical intelligence
    • Achievements: Advocate for gender equality, founder of WTA
    • Impact: King’s Battle of the Sexes win and activism have left a lasting legacy on sports and society.
  8. Venus Williams (Rank 8)
    • Grand Slam Titles: 7
    • Playing Style: Powerful serve, athletic all-court game
    • Achievements: 5 Wimbledon titles, advocate for equal prize money
    • Impact: Venus’s success and advocacy have broken barriers and set new standards in the sport.

Individual Achievements and Records

The aforementioned legends have set remarkable records, titles, and personal triumphs that are testaments to their skill, determination, and spirit. Their profiles illustrate the richness and diversity of women’s tennis.

These women have excelled in tennis and become ambassadors for empowerment, equality, and change.  From Billie Jean King’s advocacy for women’s rights to Serena Williams’s philanthropy and leadership, their influence is far-reaching and continues to inspire.

Top Tennis Players by Country

Tennis’s universal appeal transcends geographical boundaries, resonating with fans and players across the globe. From the hard courts of the United States to the red clay of Spain, every nation has its tennis heroes who stand as symbols of national pride and excellence. In this section, we explore the top tennis players by country.

CountryPlayerGrand Slam Titles
United StatesSerena Williams23
SwitzerlandRoger Federer20
SpainRafael Nadal19
AustraliaMargaret Court24
GermanySteffi Graf22
Czech RepublicMartina Navratilova18
SwedenBjorn Borg11
RussiaMaria Sharapova5
SerbiaNovak Djokovic17
FranceSuzanne Lenglen12
ArgentinaGuillermo Vilas4
RomaniaSimona Halep2
BelgiumJustine Henin7
United KingdomAndy Murray3
AustriaDominic Thiem1
ItalyFrancesca Schiavone1
JapanNaomi Osaka4
ChinaLi Na2
CroatiaGoran Ivanišević1
CanadaBianca Andreescu1

United States

  • Serena Williams
    • Achievements: 23 Grand Slam singles titles, 4 Olympic gold medals
    • Impact: A dominant force in tennis, Serena’s remarkable career continues to inspire and influence. Serena and her sister Venus have won 14 Grand Slam doubles titles together.


  • Roger Federer
    • Achievements: 20 Grand Slam singles titles, 310 weeks as World No. 1
    • Impact: Known for his graceful play and sportsmanship, Federer is a global ambassador for tennis. Federer holds the record for reaching 30 Grand Slam singles finals.


  • Rafael Nadal
    • Achievements: 13 French Open titles, Olympic gold medal
    • Impact: Nadal’s mastery on clay and relentless fighting spirit have made him one of the sport’s greatest. Nadal has a renowned pre-game ritual and superstitions, including meticulously arranging his water bottles.


  • Margaret Court
    • Achievements: 24 Grand Slam singles titles
    • Impact: Holding the record for the most Grand Slam singles titles, Court’s legacy continues to inspire. She is also an ordained Christian minister and has been involved in ministry since her retirement.


  • Steffi Graf
    • Achievements: 22 Grand Slam singles titles, Golden Slam (1988)
    • Impact: Graf’s consistency and elegance on the court set a new standard for excellence in women’s tennis. Graf achieved the “Golden Slam” in 1988, winning all four Grand Slam titles and Olympic gold in the same year.

Czech Republic

  • Martina Navratilova
    • Achievements: 18 Grand Slam singles titles, 9 Wimbledon titles
    • Impact: Navratilova’s on-court success and advocacy for LGBTQ+ rights have made her a champion of change. Navratilova has won a record 59 total Grand Slam titles, including singles, doubles, and mixed doubles.


  • Bjorn Borg
    • Achievements: 11 Grand Slam singles titles, 5 consecutive Wimbledon titles
    • Impact: Borg’s cool demeanor and baseline mastery revolutionized tennis. Borg’s signature headband and long hair became a fashion trend in tennis.


  • Maria Sharapova
    • Achievements: 5 Grand Slam singles titles, Olympic silver medal
    • Impact: Sharapova’s competitive spirit and business acumen extended her influence beyond the court. Sharapova has her candy brand, Sugarpova, showcasing her entrepreneurial side.


  • Novak Djokovic
    • Achievements: 17 Grand Slam singles titles, record 8 Australian Open titles
    • Impact: Djokovic’s mental toughness and strategic play have set new standards in men’s tennis. Djokovic is known for his impersonations of other players, entertaining fans off the court.


  • Suzanne Lenglen
    • Achievements: 12 Grand Slam singles titles, first female tennis celebrity
    • Impact: Lenglen’s flamboyant style and on-court dominance made her a trailblazer in women’s sports. Lenglen was a major influence in popularizing tennis fashion and wore custom-made outfits.


  • Guillermo Vilas
    • Achievements: 4 Grand Slam singles titles
    • Impact: A clay-court specialist, Vilas is considered one of South America’s greatest players. Vilas was a poet and philosopher, often reflecting on life and tennis in his writings.


  • Simona Halep
    • Achievements: 2 Grand Slam singles titles, former World No. 1
    • Impact: Halep’s agility and determination have brought her to the forefront of women’s tennis. Halep won her first Grand Slam title at the French Open after three previous finals losses.


  • Justine Henin
    • Achievements: 7 Grand Slam singles titles
    • Impact: Henin’s one-handed backhand and all-court game left a lasting impact on women’s tennis. Henin’s one-handed backhand was a rarity in women’s tennis and became her signature shot.

United Kingdom

  • Andy Murray
    • Achievements: 3 Grand Slam singles titles, 2 Olympic gold medals
    • Impact: Murray’s resilience and advocacy for gender equality have made him a standout figure. Murray was the first British man to win Wimbledon in 77 years, ending a national drought.


  • Dominic Thiem
    • Achievements: 1 Grand Slam singles title, youngest player in the ATP top 10
    • Impact: Thiem represents a new generation of talent known for his powerful baseline play. Thiem’s father was a professional tennis coach, fostering his love for the game.


  • Francesca Schiavone
    • Achievements: 1 Grand Slam singles title (French Open)
    • Impact: Schiavone’s expressive play and historic French Open win have inspired Italian tennis. Schiavone was the first Italian woman to win a Grand Slam singles title.


  • Naomi Osaka
    • Achievements: 4 Grand Slam singles titles
    • Impact: Osaka’s powerful game and activism have made her an influential figure in modern tennis. Osaka represents Japan but was raised in the United States, embracing both cultures.


  • Li Na
    • Achievements: 2 Grand Slam singles titles
    • Impact: Li’s success has been instrumental in popularizing tennis in China and Asia. Li’s 2014 Australian Open victory speech became famous for its humor and warmth.


  • Goran Ivanišević
    • Achievements: 1 Wimbledon title
    • Impact: Ivanišević’s powerful serve and historic Wimbledon win as a wildcard entrant left a mark. Ivanišević is the only player to win Wimbledon as a wildcard entry.


  • Bianca Andreescu
    • Achievements: 1 Grand Slam singles title (US Open)
    • Impact: Andreescu’s rapid rise and fearless play have brought Canadian tennis to new heights. Andreescu’s victory at the 2019 US Open made her the first Canadian to win a Grand Slam singles title.

Find Your Role in The Tennis World

From the legendary rivalries that have captivated generations to the trailblazers who have broken barriers and set new standards, tennis continues to inspire and entertain on a global scale. The best tennis players of all time are more than just athletes; they are ambassadors of a sport that reflects human virtues, challenges, and triumphs.

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