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The Super Bowl isn’t just a monumental event in the sports calendar; it’s also a hub of diverse and lucrative job opportunities. Every year, this event showcases extraordinary athletic talent and opens a plethora of job prospects in various fields. We will explore the top Super Bowl jobs you should know.

Top 15 Super Bowl Jobs (Ranked By Salary)

Here’s a comprehensive list of the top 15 Super Bowl jobs that blend excitement with impressive earnings. These roles offer a front-row seat to the excitement and grandeur of the event and boast attractive earnings.

1. Ushers and Ticket Scanners

A ticket scanner scanning a QR code on a phone

Salary Range: Ushers and Ticket Scanners at the Super Bowl are typically paid an hourly wage, which averages $14.57 per hour.

Job Description and Duties: Ushers and Ticket Scanners are key in managing the attendee experience at the Super Bowl. Their primary responsibilities include:

  • Scanning tickets at entry points.
  • Directing attendees to their seats.
  • Providing information about the venue.
  • Assisting with crowd control and organization.

During the Super Bowl, ushers and ticket scanners are often the first point of contact for guests, making their role crucial in setting the tone for the event. They must know the stadium’s layout, including seat sections, restrooms, and emergency exits.

2. Ticketing and Sales Representative

Salary Range: Annually, Ticketing and Sales Representatives can expect to earn $30,555 on average. The average hourly pay is $15 per hour.

Job Description and Duties: Ticketing and Sales Representatives at the Super Bowl are responsible for handling the sale and distribution of tickets for the event. Their duties include:

  • Managing customer inquiries.
  • Processing ticket transactions.
  • Assisting with box office operations.
  • Possibly handling online and phone sales.

They also help resolve ticketing issues such as discrepancies or special requests.

During the Super Bowl, these representatives might work at ticket counters, assist in managing queues, provide information to event-goers about seating and pricing, and handle on-the-spot ticket sales or upgrades. Their role requires strong customer service skills, attention to detail, and the ability to handle financial transactions accurately and efficiently. They are key in ensuring a smooth and welcoming entry experience for attendees.

3. Set-Up and Tear-Down Crew

Salary Range: The Super Bowl’s Setup and tear-down crew typically receives hourly pay ranging from $13 to $17. The average annual pay for this role is $31,872.

Job Description and Duties: The Setup and Tear-Down Crew are essential for preparing the venue for the Super Bowl and restoring it afterward. Their responsibilities include assembling and installing various event elements like stages, seating, lighting, and sound equipment and dismantling and removing these components after the event concludes.

During the Super Bowl, they work diligently to ensure that all physical aspects of the event are correctly and safely set up, often under tight deadlines, which includes setting up for the halftime show, arranging vendor stalls, and preparing any special installations specific to the event.

4. Parking Attendant

A parking lot attendant accepting cash from someone in a car

Salary Range: Parking Attendants at the Super Bowl typically earn hourly, with wages averaging $16 per hour. The average annual pay for a parking lot attendant is $33,816.

Job Description and Duties: Parking Attendants at the Super Bowl manage the parking areas used by attendees, staff, and VIP guests. Their duties include:

  • Directing vehicles to appropriate parking spots.
  • Managing traffic flow within the parking areas.
  • Collecting parking fees if applicable.
  • Providing information to drivers about parking policies and exit routes.

They may also assist with setting up parking signage and barriers and ensuring the safety and organization of the parking area.

During the Super Bowl, Parking Attendants must be prepared for high volumes of traffic and must be able to provide clear directions and assistance efficiently.

5. Event Staff

Salary Range: Annually, Event Staff earns, on average, $35,847. The average hourly pay is $17 per hour.

Job Description and Duties: Event Staff are integral to the smooth operation of the Super Bowl. Their responsibilities can vary widely but generally include roles such as assisting with the setup and breakdown of event spaces, providing information and guidance to attendees, managing crowd control and ensuring attendee safety, supporting logistics and operational tasks, and responding to any immediate needs or issues that arise during the event.

In the context of the Super Bowl, an Event Staff member might be tasked with managing specific areas like entry points, seating sections, or VIP areas. They could also be involved in coordinating transportation services for attendees or assisting in the merchandise stalls.

6. Security Personnel

Salary Range: Security Personnel at the Super Bowl can typically earn an average annual salary of $38,905. The average hourly pay is $16.81.

Job Description and Duties: Security Personnel at the Super Bowl are tasked with ensuring the safety and security of all attendees, staff, and participants. Their duties include:

  • Crowd management.
  • Monitoring event spaces for safety concerns.
  • Conducting security checks at entry points.
  • Responding to any security incidents or emergencies.

They are also responsible for enforcing venue policies and maintaining order throughout the event.

During the Super Bowl, Security Personnel might be stationed at strategic points around the stadium, including entrances, exits, and critical areas like VIP sections or backstage. They work closely with law enforcement and emergency response teams to ensure a coordinated security effort.

7. Photographer

Salary Range: Photographers and Videographers at the Super Bowl typically earn, on average, $40,815 annually, depending on their experience and portfolio. For the Super Bowl event itself, contracted Photographers and Videographers might earn more than usual, often from $500 to $2,000.

Job Description and Duties: Photographers and Videographers at the Super Bowl are tasked with capturing the essence and excitement of the event through their lenses. They are responsible for taking high-quality photographs and videos of the game, halftime show, fans, and any other significant moments during the event. Their duties include preparing and maintaining camera equipment, planning shots and angles, editing photos or footage, and sometimes immediately delivering content for social media or press use.

During the Super Bowl, this Super Bowl job might be stationed at various strategic points around the stadium to capture different perspectives of the event. They need to be skilled in shooting in various conditions, from action shots on the field to candid moments in the crowd.

8. Event Technician

An event technician setting up lights for the Super Bowl

Salary Range: Event Technicians typically earn $41,598 annually, with variations based on experience and specific technical expertise. The average hourly pay is $20.

Job Description and Duties: Event Technicians are vital to the technical execution of the Super Bowl. Their responsibilities include setting up and operating audio, lighting, and video equipment, ensuring that all technical aspects of the event run smoothly. They work closely with other production team members, such as sound engineers and broadcast technicians, to synchronize technical elements with live performances and broadcasts.

For instance, during the Super Bowl, an Event Technician might be in charge of managing the lighting and sound setup for the halftime show, ensuring that the audio-visual experience is immersive for both the in-stadium audience and viewers at home.

9. Field Maintenance Crew

Salary Range: Field Maintenance Crew members can earn between $38,560 and $50,703 annually. Hourly pay is between $19 and $24 per hour.

Job Description and Duties: The Field Maintenance Crew at the Super Bowl is responsible for maintaining and preparing the playing field to ensure optimal conditions for the game. Their duties include:

  • Inspecting and repairing the turf.
  • Painting field lines and logos.
  • Setting up goalposts.
  • Ensuring the field meets all regulatory standards for professional football games.

They also manage any necessary repairs or adjustments during the game.

During the Super Bowl, the Field Maintenance Crew plays a crucial role in preparing the field beforehand and maintaining it throughout the event, which includes dealing with any weather-related challenges, such as rain or snow, to keep the field playable.

10. Transportation Coordinator

Salary Range: Transportation Coordinators can expect to earn an annual average of $51,774. The average hourly pay is $25.

Job Description and Duties: Transportation Coordinators at the Super Bowl manage all aspects of transportation related to the event. Their duties include planning and coordinating staff, teams, and equipment movement to and from the event venue. They also manage the transportation needs of VIPs, media personnel, and possibly attendees, which involves scheduling and coordinating with transportation service providers, managing parking logistics, and ensuring timely and efficient travel arrangements.

During the Super Bowl, this Super Bowl job is essential in ensuring that all parties involved in the event can move seamlessly to and from various locations, including hotels, airports, and the stadium.

11. Volunteer Coordinator

Salary Range: Annually, the average Volunteer Coordinators can earn $53,675. The average hourly pay is $26.

Job Description and Duties: A Volunteer Coordinator at the Super Bowl oversees all aspects of volunteer involvement in the event. Their duties include recruiting, training, and assigning volunteers to various tasks and roles throughout the event. They also monitor and manage volunteer performance, provide support and guidance as needed, and ensure volunteers are well-informed and equipped to perform their duties.

During the Super Bowl, a Volunteer Coordinator might organize teams to assist with crowd control, information distribution, or logistical support. They ensure that volunteers are strategically placed where needed most, from assisting in seating arrangements to helping in merchandise stalls.

12. Vendors

A vendor at the Super Bowl selling drinks

Salary Range: Vendors at the Super Bowl, often working as independent contractors or small business owners, earn on a per-event basis. Their earnings can vary widely but average $67,904 per year. The average hourly income is $33.

Job Description and Duties: Vendors at the Super Bowl are responsible for selling various products or services to event attendees. Their offerings can include food and beverages, merchandise, or other memorabilia associated with the Super Bowl. The duties of a vendor include:

  • Setting up their selling station.
  • Managing inventory.
  • Engaging with customers to make sales.
  • Handling cash and card transactions.
  • Maintaining cleanliness and safety standards at their stall.

During the Super Bowl, vendors need to be prepared for high customer traffic and demand, ensuring they have sufficient stock and resources to efficiently serve a large number of attendees.

13. Event Director

Salary Range: The average annual pay is $78,450 for a Director of Events. The average annual pay is $38 per hour.

Description and Duties: The Event Director for the Super Bowl oversees the entire event’s planning and execution, including budgeting, team management, and coordination across departments like marketing, security, and logistics. They negotiate with vendors, manage relationships with sponsors and media, and ensure adherence to legal and safety standards. Risk management and post-event analysis are crucial parts of their role. This position demands strong leadership, strategic planning skills, and the ability to work under pressure, ensuring the seamless execution of one of the world’s most high-profile sports events.

For example, in a Super Bowl event, the Event Director might coordinate the intricate logistics of the halftime show, involving aspects like stage design, performer coordination, and synchronizing live broadcast requirements.

14. Broadcast Engineer

Salary Range: Broadcast Engineers at the Super Bowl typically earn an annual average of $85,597, roughly equivalent to an average of $42 an hour.

Description and Duties: Broadcast Engineers play a critical role in the Super Bowl, ensuring that millions of viewers can enjoy a seamless and high-quality event broadcast. They handle the technical aspects of broadcasting, including setting up and maintaining audio and video equipment, troubleshooting any broadcast issues, and ensuring a clear transmission of the live event. These professionals work closely with production teams to synchronize the broadcasting elements with the event’s live activities.

For example, during the Super Bowl, a Broadcast Engineer might be tasked with managing the complex audio and video feeds for the halftime show, ensuring that the live performance is flawlessly transmitted to viewers around the globe.

15. Digital Marketing Manager

Salary Range: Digital Marketing Managers at the Super Bowl can expect to earn an annual average of $123,483, which equates to an hourly average of $59.

Description and Duties: A Digital Marketing Manager at the Super Bowl is responsible for developing and executing digital marketing strategies to promote the event. Their duties include:

  • Managing social media campaigns.
  • Overseeing content creation for digital platforms.
  • Analyzing digital marketing data to gauge campaign effectiveness.
  • Engaging with fans online.

They work closely with the event’s marketing and PR teams to ensure a cohesive and impactful online presence.

In the context of the Super Bowl, this Super Bowl job might spearhead campaigns to increase viewer engagement, create buzz around the halftime show, or promote exclusive online content.

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