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Daytona Speedway isn’t just a cornerstone of motorsport history; it’s a dynamic hub of career opportunities for enthusiasts and professionals alike. With its storied past and an eye firmly on the future, the Speedway offers a range of roles for those passionate about racing, events, and innovation. Below, we delve into the top 10 Daytona Speedway jobs, outlining the significance, salary, and scope of each position. This insight aims to fuel your career ambitions and guide you toward the fast lane of professional growth.

Top Daytona Speedway Jobs Ordered By Salary

Empty seats of the Daytona Speedway stands

Explore the top 10 Daytona Speedway jobs in order of average annual salary. This list highlights key roles within the Speedway, emphasizing the diversity and significance of each position in contributing to the success and excitement of one of the world’s most famous racing venues.

1. Concessions Staff

Salary Range: Concession staff makes $29,906 annually on average.

Tasked with operating food and beverage stands throughout the Speedway, Concessions Staff are responsible for preparing and selling a variety of items, from classic race-day snacks like hot dogs and nachos to more specialized fare that caters to a diverse audience.

Their duties extend beyond just sales; they are also responsible for maintaining the cleanliness and hygiene of the concessions areas, ensuring that food safety standards are met, and managing inventory to keep supplies well-stocked throughout the event. During larger events like the Rolex 24 at Daytona, Concessions Staff might also be involved in setting up additional mobile food units to cater to fans around the clock, offering coffee, energy drinks, and midnight snacks to keep spirits high during the night-time hours. This Daytona Speedway job is ultimately responsible for ensuring that guests don’t ever have to leave the area for food or beverages.

2. Grounds Crew

Salary Range: Members of the grounds crew make $33,390 annually on average.

Grounds crew member picking up trash after getting a Daytona Speedway job

The Grounds Crew’s responsibilities encompass a wide range of tasks, including landscaping maintenance around the Speedway to create a welcoming atmosphere for fans, including mowing lawns, trimming hedges, and planting flowers that enhance the venue’s visual appeal. Before major events like the Daytona 500, the Grounds Crew undertakes extensive preparations to ensure the infield and surrounding areas are immaculate, setting the stage for the world-renowned race.

In addition to beautification, the Grounds Crew is also responsible for the upkeep of the track surface itself, including ensuring the asphalt is in top condition and free from debris, which is vital for drivers’ safety and their vehicles’ performance. For events such as the Daytona Supercross, they transform parts of the Speedway into a challenging motocross track, meticulously shaping dirt and sand to create jumps and obstacles that test the skills of the world’s best riders.

3. Parking and Traffic Coordinator

Salary Range: Parking coordinators earn $47,449 annually on average.

The Parking and Traffic Coordinator at Daytona Speedway plays a vital role in ensuring that the arrival and departure of fans are as smooth as the race cars on the track. The Coordinator must ensure sufficient parking spaces, including VIP and accessible parking, and that these areas are clearly marked and efficiently managed. They work closely with local law enforcement and traffic agencies to plan routes and manage the influx and egress of traffic, minimizing bottlenecks and ensuring safety for all attendees.

For events like the Rolex 24 at Daytona, which runs through the night, the Parking and Traffic Coordinator also arranges for lighting and additional signage to guide visitors safely to and from their vehicles at all hours. Additionally, they might coordinate shuttle services from parking areas to the gates, enhancing the fan experience, especially for those who park further away.

The Coordinator’s role is not limited to event days; it involves continuous improvement of traffic and parking operations, which might include analyzing feedback from previous events to make adjustments or working with technology providers to implement advanced parking and traffic management systems, such as app-based space reservation or real-time traffic updates for attendees. This Daytona Speedway job ensures guests can focus on racing, not parking.

4. Event Coordinator

Salary: An event coordinator earns $55,532 annually on average.

The Event Coordinator at Daytona Speedway plays a pivotal role in the heart of motorsport’s most storied venues, orchestrating a wide range of events, including the iconic Daytona 500, known as “The Great American Race,” where meticulous planning and coordination are essential to managing the logistics of race teams, vendors, and the influx of fans.

In addition to the high-profile races, the Coordinator brings to life a variety of events within the Speedway grounds, such as the Rolex 24 at Daytona, an endurance race that tests the limits of man and machine, and the Daytona Supercross, where the infield transforms into a challenging motocross track.

Balancing the operational demands of such varied events to enhance fan engagement, the Event Coordinator at Daytona Speedway ensures that each event runs smoothly and contributes to the legacy of this legendary venue.

5. Race Director

Salary: The average race director’s salary is $56,722 annually.

The Race Director’s responsibilities encompass overseeing the entire racing operation, from ensuring compliance with the stringent regulations of motorsport governing bodies to coordinating with teams, drivers, and race officials. They are the authority on the track, making critical decisions that affect the outcome and integrity of the races, including the enforcement of rules, the initiation of safety car periods, and the adjudication of disputes.

In addition to the operational aspects, the Race Director plays a vital role in enhancing the spectator experience, working closely with the event coordination teams to integrate the racing action with fan engagement activities. Their expertise and leadership ensure that each event not only adheres to the highest standards of competitive fairness and safety but also contributes to the storied legacy of Daytona Speedway.

6. Track Operations Manager

Salary: An operations manager earns $63,456 annually on average.

The Track Operations Manager at Daytona Speedway holds a critical position, ensuring the legendary track is in prime condition for every event, from the adrenaline-pumping Daytona 500 to the grueling Rolex 24 at Daytona and the daring Daytona Supercross.

This role demands a comprehensive understanding of the intricacies of racetrack maintenance and safety. The manager oversees everything from the condition of the asphalt to the deployment of safety barriers and the readiness of emergency response teams. The manager coordinates closely with event coordinators, racing teams, and safety officials to ensure that the track meets the highest safety and performance standards.

Their expertise in track operations is pivotal in adapting the Speedway for a diverse array of events, requiring meticulous attention to detail to switch from NASCAR races to motorcycle races and other motorsport events. This Daytona Speedway job is crucial to ensuring that the event runs smoothly.

7. Marketing and Promotions Manager

Salary: A Marketing and Promotions Manager averages $77,230 annually.

A marketing manager for Daytona Speedway reviewing Daytona Speedway job growth

The Marketing and Promotions Manager at Daytona Speedway holds a crucial role in driving the venue’s brand forward and engaging fans worldwide. This position is at the forefront of crafting and executing innovative marketing strategies and promotional campaigns that highlight the Speedway’s legendary events.

This role involves a blend of digital and traditional marketing efforts to maximize event attendance, enhance fan engagement, and expand the Speedway’s reach. For example, leading up to the Daytona 500, the Marketing and Promotions Manager might launch a multi-channel campaign featuring behind-the-scenes content, driver profiles, and interactive fan competitions to build excitement and anticipation. They could also partner with local and national media outlets to ensure widespread event coverage, leveraging social media’s power to engage with younger demographics and tap into new fan bases.

The Marketing and Promotions Manager not only aims to fill the stands but also to create a vibrant community of motorsport enthusiasts, ensuring that the legacy of Daytona Speedway continues to grow and resonate with audiences new and old.

8. Facilities Maintenance Manager

Salary: A Facilities Maintenance Manager earns $87,690 annually on average.

This position involves overseeing the upkeep and improvement of the entire Speedway complex, including the grandstands, infields, garages, and all associated facilities. The manager is responsible for scheduling regular maintenance and inspections to ensure safety and compliance with all regulations and coordinating renovations and upgrades to enhance the fan experience and operational efficiency.

Prior to events like the Rolex 24 at Daytona, the manager might oversee the installation of additional lighting and safety measures to support the unique requirements of a 24-hour race. Innovative solutions could also be part of their strategy to align Daytona Speedway with environmental sustainability goals, such as implementing sustainable practices for waste management and energy use.

The Facilities Maintenance Manager must also anticipate and respond to the challenges posed by weather, coordinating swift responses to protect facilities and ensure the continuity of events, which could involve deploying emergency repairs in the aftermath of storms or enhancing drainage systems to prevent flooding.

9. Security Manager

Salary: A security manager earns $108,699 annually on average.

At the heart of ensuring safety and security during the electrifying events at Daytona Speedway is the Security Manager. This crucial role involves strategizing and implementing comprehensive security measures across a venue known for hosting some of the most iconic events in motorsports.

The Security Manager coordinates a vast network of security personnel, surveillance systems, and emergency response protocols to safeguard not only the tens of thousands of fans who gather at the Speedway but also the drivers, teams, and staff who bring these events to life.

Their responsibilities extend beyond crowd control; they also encompass counteracting potential threats, managing access control, and ensuring that all safety regulations are met or exceeded. With a proactive approach to risk assessment, the Security Manager works closely with local law enforcement and emergency services, ensuring a coordinated effort in all situations.

10. Merchandising Manager

Salary: The average merchandising manager salary is $118,964 on average.

A Daytona Speedway merchandising manager working on a tablet

The Merchandising Manager is responsible for developing and executing innovative merchandising strategies that resonate with fans, creating memorable keepsakes and apparel that celebrate the Speedway’s rich history and thrilling event lineup, including:

  • Overseeing the design, production, and sales of merchandise.
  • Managing inventory levels to meet fan demand.
  • Ensuring the merchandise offerings are both high-quality and reflective of the latest trends in motorsport fashion.

For example, leading up to the Daytona 500, the manager might launch a limited-edition apparel line commemorating the race’s milestone anniversaries, incorporating vintage designs and modern trends to appeal to a broad fan base.

Collaboration with vendors and licensing partners is crucial, as is the ability to forecast trends and adapt offerings to enhance fan experience and engagement. The Merchandising Manager also plays a pivotal role in setting up merchandise booths and stores across the Speedway, ensuring that products are accessible and appealingly presented to fans during events. This Daytona Speedway job is responsible for bringing in millions of dollars in revenue.

Accelerate Your Career at Daytona Speedway

Daytona Speedway jobs offer more than just employment; they provide a pathway to being part of a legacy. Each position plays a unique role in delivering the excitement and passion that define motorsport. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or just starting, Daytona Speedway presents a thrilling arena to accelerate your career.

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