Whether you’re itching to capture every sweat bead and touchdown dance as a Sports Videographer, or you fancy yourself the puppet master of a fan frenzy with mad marketing skills, the diversity of sports media jobs offers a career path for every ambition. Let’s unveil the top sports media jobs that await you, complete with salary.

Top 12 Sports Media Jobs (In Order By Salary)

From the creative minds shaping content to the analytical experts dissecting every play, the spectrum of careers in sports media is broad, each with its unique impact and appeal. As we gear up to explore the top 12 sports media jobs sorted by their wallet-fattening abilities, prepare to find out where your talents could score big in the sports world.

A sports videographer taking a video of football players
  1. Assistant Sports Editor

Salary: The average assistant sports editor’s salary is $36,551 annually.

Job Description: As an Assistant Sports Editor, you play a crucial role in shaping sports coverage for your publication. Your responsibilities include meticulously curating content, from articles to multimedia, ensuring it meets editorial standards and captures the essence of sporting events. You collaborate with sports writers and videographers to guide them on story angles and ensure their work reflects the publication’s voice and audience interests. For instance, during a major tennis tournament, you might direct coverage focusing on emerging players, analyzing their strategies and potential impact on the sport. Additionally, you’re involved in editing submissions for clarity, accuracy, and engagement, using your technical knowledge to enhance narratives and visuals.

  1. Sports Social Media Coordinator

Salary: The average social media coordinator’s salary is $46,423 annually.

Job Description: As a Sports Social Media Coordinator, you’re the digital hype person for every heart-stopping sports moment. Picture this: a basketball player hits a half-court buzzer-beater to win the game. Your job? Whip up an instant, electrifying Instagram story featuring the shot, sprinkle in some fiery emojis, flash stats highlighting the player’s heroics, and cap it off with fan reactions straight from the stands. It’s all about capturing that “you had to see it to believe it” vibe and ensuring everyone feels the adrenaline rush, whether at the game or not. This sports media job bridges the action on the field and the fans on their phones, turning every game into a shared celebration.

  1. Sports Agent

Salary: The average sports agent’s salary is $49,833 annually.

Job Description: As a Sports Agent, you are the career architect for athletes, negotiating contracts, securing endorsements, and managing public relations to maximize their professional success and financial security. This sports media job involves a deep understanding of sports law, contract negotiations, and the sports market. For instance, you might negotiate a multi-year deal for a football player, ensuring the contract includes a competitive salary, bonuses for performance milestones, and a clause for image rights for endorsements. You also identify sponsorship opportunities, connecting your clients with brands that align with their image and values, such as a shoe deal for a rising basketball star. Beyond negotiations, you provide career advice, helping athletes make informed decisions that align with their long-term goals and market value.

  1. Sports Marketing Specialist

Salary: The average sports marketing specialist makes $49,858 annually.

Job Description: As a Sports Marketing Specialist, you are pivotal in promoting sports teams, events, and merchandise to fans and potential sponsors. Your responsibilities include developing and executing marketing campaigns that resonate with the target audience and leveraging traditional and digital channels. You craft compelling narratives around teams and athletes, using storytelling to build emotional connections with fans. For example, you might create a social media campaign highlighting a player’s journey from rookie to star athlete, incorporating video interviews, action shots, and interactive fan polls to engage the audience. Additionally, you analyze market trends and fan data to tailor promotional strategies, ensuring they effectively reach and captivate the intended demographic.

  1. Sports Content Editor

Salary: The average sports editor makes $51,333 annually.

Job Description: As a Sports Content Editor, you’re at the forefront of shaping sports narratives for your publication or digital platform. Your role encompasses refining articles, videos, and multimedia pieces to ensure they’re engaging, accurate, and aligned with your audience’s interests. You work closely with writers, videographers, and graphic designers, guiding the thematic direction of content and ensuring it reflects the dynamic world of sports. For example, you might lead the editorial process for a feature story on an underdog team’s journey to a championship, focusing on narrative flow, factual accuracy, and emotional impact. This sports media job is responsible for editing submissions for clarity, coherence, and style.

  1. Sports Broadcast Technician

Salary: The average broadcast technician makes $55,970 annually.

Job Description: As a Sports Broadcast Technician, you’re integral to delivering live sports action to audiences. Your expertise ensures that broadcasts run smoothly, managing the technical aspects of video production, from setting up cameras and audio equipment at sports venues to operating control rooms during live events. You handle the setup of broadcasting gear, ensuring optimal camera angles and audio clarity to capture the essence of the game. For instance, you might coordinate multiple camera feeds to ensure viewers don’t miss a crucial play in a football match, switching angles seamlessly for a dynamic viewing experience. This sports media job also troubleshoots any technical issues in real-time, maintaining the broadcast’s quality.

  1. Sports Producer

Salary: The average sports producer salary is $62,050 annually.

Job Description: As a Sports Producer, you orchestrate creating and delivering sports broadcasts and content, blending editorial vision with technical execution. Your responsibilities span from conceptualizing the narrative arc of a broadcast to overseeing the live production, ensuring that every segment, from pre-game analyses to post-match interviews, is compelling and cohesive. For example, you might direct a feature on an emerging soccer star, coordinating interviews, game footage, and expert commentary to tell a story that captivates viewers. You liaise with directors, editors, and technical crews, managing schedules, budgets, and resources to produce high-quality sports programming. Additionally, you react in real-time during live broadcasts, making split-second decisions to switch camera angles, cue replays, or adjust commentary.

  1. Sports Videographer

Salary: The average sports videographer salary is $63,930 annually.

A sports videographer taking a video at a basketball game

Job Description: As a Sports Videographer, you capture the essence of sports competitions through detailed, dynamic footage. Equipped with high-definition cameras, you’re on the field, court, or trackside, ready to document key moments. You focus on the action, ensuring pivotal plays, athletes’ reactions, and the crowd’s energy are all caught on film. For example, in a soccer game, you might zoom in on a player’s intense focus as they take a penalty kick, capturing the suspense and the immediate aftermath of success or disappointment. Post-event, you collaborate with production teams to highlight these moments, creating engaging content for broadcasts and social media.

  1. Sports Reporter

Salary: The average sports reporter salary is $70,583 annually.

Job Description: As a Sports Reporter, you’re on the frontline, bringing the drama and triumphs of sports to life. Imagine being courtside as a tennis star fights back from match point to clinch a historic victory. What does a sports reporter do? Dive into the action, capturing every serve and volley, then sprint to deliver a riveting match report that feels like readers are right there with you. You mix in quotes from the exhausted yet exhilarated winner, analyze the game-changing moments, and deliver it all with a flair that gets hearts racing. It’s not just about reporting scores; it’s about storytelling that transports fans into the heart of the game, making every reader feel like they’re part of the victory celebration.

  1. Sports Data Analyst

Salary: The average sports data analyst makes $79,972 annually.

Job Description: As a Sports Data Analyst, you delve into the numbers behind the game, applying statistical models and advanced analytics to evaluate player performance, team strategy, and game dynamics. This sports media job role involves collecting data from various sources, including game footage, player trackers, and performance metrics, and then using sophisticated software to analyze and interpret this information. For example, you might assess a basketball team’s shooting efficiency from different areas of the court to recommend tactical adjustments. You prepare detailed reports and visualizations that coaches and management use to make informed decisions on player selection, game strategy, and training focus.

  1. Sports Public Relations Specialist

Salary: The average sports public relations specialist makes $83,626 annually.

Job Description: As a Sports Public Relations Specialist, your role is pivotal in managing sports teams or organizations’ public image and communications. This sports media job is tasked with crafting press releases, coordinating media appearances, and strategizing social media campaigns to enhance the team’s profile and connect with fans. Your work involves close collaboration with athletes, coaches, and management to ensure messaging is consistent and aligns with the organization’s goals. For example, when a player achieves a significant milestone, you might organize a press conference, prepare the athlete for interviews, and launch a targeted social media campaign to maximize exposure and celebrate the achievement.

  1. Sports Marketing Director

Salary: The average sports marketing director makes $143,423 annually.

Job Description: As a Sports Marketing Director, you spearhead the strategic planning and execution of marketing initiatives for sports teams, leagues, or organizations, aiming to boost fan engagement, increase revenue streams, and enhance brand visibility. This sports media job involves overseeing comprehensive marketing campaigns across various digital, social media, and traditional advertising platforms. You identify target demographics and develop tailored marketing strategies to engage them, such as launching a digital campaign to introduce a new team jersey or orchestrating a community event to deepen local fan base connections. For instance, you might leverage data analytics to refine a season ticket sales strategy, targeting specific fan segments with personalized messaging and promotions. Additionally, you negotiate sponsorship deals, collaborating with brands that align with the organization’s values.

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