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Tips to Find Great Sports Jobs

Working in sports isn’t a game. It’s a career. To find a great sports job takes patience, dedication and hard work. It takes research. It’s something that you have to prepare for. Below are some basic steps to follow to prepare for and land your dream job: Take a look […]

Making the Team Look Good Off the Field

Most sports-minded people have dreamed of being the player who scores the winning touchdown or hits the buzzer-beating basket that gives their favorite team a championship. Sadly, few of us have the physical skills necessary to make that kind of contribution on the field. If you’re creative, though, you might […]

Jobs In Sports Insight: The Coach

The Background… Coaches are among the few publicly visible jobs in sports. While athletes are center stage, coaches are on the sidelines instructing players and making decisions that impact the game’s outcome. All team sports and many individual sports have a coach or an entire coaching staff to bring organization […]

The New Age of Jobs in Sports Media

Once upon a time, there was a sportswriter. His job was to go to the games and describe the action in vivid detail because the vast majority of fans couldn’t be there in attendance. His description was the only way those fans could experience what went on that day with […]

Jobs In Sports Insight: Sports Commentator

The Background… Sports commentators describe on-the-field action and provide analysis throughout a live sporting event, over a television or radio broadcast. More commonly called sportscasters or announcers; their goal is to enhance the viewing experience with voice over commentary as the game unfolds. Though the early 1900s typically saw one […]

Sports Jobs Terminology: Speaking the Lingo

Every industry has its own jargon and sports business is certainly no exception. Speaking the language and understanding the terminology will aid you in crafting a well-worded resume, acing a job interview and overcoming the learn curve of a first job. Simply put, if you don’t sound educated about the […]