You work in sports because you’re passionate about the industry. You know, when the day gets long, you’re not in your job just for the paycheck. Your love of sports is what drives you.

Why not let that passion fuel your side hustle as well?

The side hustle is not a new concept. However, in recent years, it’s become a growing trend. According to the 2017 Job Seeker Nation Survey from Jobvite, 25 percent of job seekers have a second source of income outside of their regular job.

Here are just a few ideas you can use to give your sports career a boost with a side hustle:

Why a Side Hustle

When you work in sports, you face a lot of competition. There are many other enthusiastic professionals looking to join the industry. The side hustle is how you stand out.

Align your side hustle with your passions. This way, even if you’re not doing what you love currently, you’re building skills in a particular field of interest that you can eventually transition into.

There are several benefits to starting your side hustle, such as:

  • Earning more income: monetize your skills outside your nine-to-five job.
  • Building strengths: your best skills get stronger the more you use them.
  • Developing new skills: identify a set of new skills you need and build those.
  • Following a higher sense of purpose: pursue another ambition outside your sports job.
  • Creating more opportunities: connect with others and expand your network.
  • Adding a source of satisfaction: bad workdays won’t derail your morale nearly as much.

The first step toward finding the right side hustle is aligning your passions and strengths with a specific sports career.

For example, your ultimate goal is to own your own yoga studio. As you work in sports sales, earn your yoga teaching certification on nights and weekends. Then, start freelancing and instructing people you know.

No matter where you ultimately want to work in sports or what your passions are, there is a side hustle that is perfect for you.

Sports Side Hustles


If you work in sports, chances are you were an athlete at one point. Start a coaching business to share your athletic knowledge.

Seek out the necessary certifications, then write workouts and training plans. Once you have the foundation, start marketing your services at local youth recreation centers. Charge an hourly rate to add to your wallet while you build excellent skills, such as leadership and communication.

Personal training

Similar to coaching, this is a great opportunity you can manage during your free time. Find a certification that’s right for you, then share your knowledge of fitness and strength conditioning while earning extra cash.

Outside of freelancing and running your own training business, you can also find work at health clubs and eventually work your way up to management. The health and fitness world has several career opportunities waiting for you, and personal training is your best first step.


You’re an expert in a field of study. Whatever field that is, there are young minds waiting to be shaped and prepared for entering the workforce.

For example, you work in sports media as a videographer. Start offering either in-person or Skype video editing lessons to students. You can charge by the hour and make a difference in the lives of your community.


Design, writing, website building, photography, and everything in between. You provide a service when you work in sports. Chances are, there’s a freelance opportunity waiting for you.

Market yourself through your own means and drive word of mouth within your network. Another option that makes freelancing easy is using a freelance website, such as Upwork, Freelancer, or Fiverr. You simply start a profile and connect with companies willing to pay for your service.

Blogging and E-Commerce

Create a sports-themed website. You can blog, sell goods/services, or you can do both. Establish yourself as a leading expert in a field you know a lot about.

As you create more content and build your audience for your blog, you will earn money from ad placements, affiliate programs, and merchandise if you decide to sell items. If you want to strictly own a sports e-commerce business, find what you want to offer to your audience and establish a business model.  

Online courses

Similar to tutoring and coaching, this side hustle allows you to share your knowledge of a particular subject and teach people how to do something. For example, if you work in sports sales, create modules on the process of prospecting, nurturing leads, interacting with customers, managing conflicts and objections, and closing deals.

You don’t even have to be tech-savvy to do this. Use online resources like Teachable, Skillshare, and Udemy to simplify the process of creating and publishing your online course. These platforms also help you market your course to boost enrollment and earn more money.

Video tutorials

If you don’t want to create an entire online course, consider recording basic tutorial videos and offering them for free on YouTube. You might be able to earn a couple of bucks with advertisements as you gain more views and subscribers.

This is also a great marketing tactic for your other side hustles. For instance, create fitness videos to show how to lift weights properly, then share a link to your personal training website, where people can contact you for your services.

Record coaching drills to promote your freelance coaching business. This way, customers get to know your style and personality beforehand, which will lead to a bigger client base.  

A side hustle is the ultimate way to stand out in the sports world. When you run your own side hustle, you’re learning how to market yourself and earn attention from potential customers. This skill directly translates to your job search and career management. You’re ready to sell your strengths and build the sports career you want.

What side hustles are you pursuing? Share in the comments!