event planning is one of the best entry level sports jobs

Sometimes, the best way to start your career in the sports industry is by applying for entry-level sports jobs. They provide the groundwork to help you get familiar with the industry and the knowledge you need to grow. Not to mention they help you meet the right people so you can build your network and find the sports job of your dreams.

There are vast employment opportunities for athletes and non-athletes alike, and all you need is the willingness and drive to work hard and succeed. If you want to start your new career in sports, here are some of the best entry-level sports jobs to consider.

10 Entry-Level Sports Jobs You Should Consider

    1. Event Organizer

Numerous teams provide entry-level sports jobs in which people are hired to help organize and coordinate events, such as off-site gatherings for sponsors and press conferences. Should you choose this line of work, you will be required to have strong organizational and communication skills to ensure event timelines are met and go according to plan.

    1. Production Assistant

With the growing number of sports networks available, it’s a great time to consider a job in sports television. If you’d like to break into the industry, consider working as a Production Assistant. This entry-level position comes with many responsibilities, such as writing shot sheets, logging live games, research, and video editing, and it’s important that you not only like sports but you understand it too. Having a background in research and writing skills is a definite plus (those years of writing essays in school will come in handy), not to mention having some editing and production skills are also a plus. If you work hard in this position, you can eventually become an Executive Producer (big shot!).

    1. Public Relations Assistant

As an entry-level Public Relations Assistant, your job will be to assist in organizing media guides and writing press releases. You can find openings for this entry-level sports jobs with league offices as well as sports teams. Before applying for the job, however, make sure to volunteer for PR duties in the sports information department at your college since hiring managers prefer the experience.

    1. Social Media Coordinator

If you are looking for a media or public relations career in the sports industry, becoming a Social Media Coordinator is the way to go, particularly since there are numerous opportunities as sports manufacturing companies, event management companies, and teams all have a presence on social media. This entry-level sports job involves communicating effectively and continually working on your writing. Moreover, you also need to have the knowledge and experience of social media sites, and online marketing, writing, and video editing experience will also be a plus in securing this job. You can find Social Media Coordinator job opportunities in sports networks, college athletic departments, athletic apparel companies, and professional teams as well.

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    1. Database Marketing Manager

While there’s a ton of hard work involved, this is one of the best entry-level sports jobs if you want to be in management. As part of the Database Management team, your responsibilities include data entry, such as gathering the information of guests at a sporting event and inputting them into the database. If you excel in this position, you’ll be off to selling suites in no time – and on the fast track to management!

    1. Sales Assistant

Becoming a Sales Assistant is an ideal entry-level sports job among high-school and college graduates because getting started is not difficult at all. You just need to love sports and have the ability to sell, sell, sell. As a Sales Associate, your responsibilities will include numerous clerical duties such as correspondence, filing, order processing, and monitoring accounts, not to mention meeting your sales quota. Being a self-starter is a must in this field.

    1. Group Ticket Sales Representative

The title of the job is pretty self-explanatory, and the responsibilities include calling people to increase ticket sales for big groups. By doing a great job, you can make an incredible amount of money and work your way toward corporate sponsorship sales as well. For this entry-level sports job, it will be a big plus if you have some sales experience, even if it is working part-time in a retail shop.

    1. Marketing Coordinator

Another great entry-level sports job is a Marketing Coordinator, which involves promotions, research, advertising, marketing initiatives, and brand development. Perhaps, the biggest advantage of starting out in marketing is you can steer your career path in various directions. For instance, you can work for live event productions, or you can even choose to go for internet marketing for sports properties.

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    1. Account Associate

As an Account Associate in the sports industry, you will be required to have excellent customer service skills, the ability to work with your sales and marketing team to generate new business, and the ability to assist in the development of new programs and day-to-day operations of the organization. Computer literacy is a must, along with excellent organizational and communication skills. It’s a great entry-level sports job if you’re looking to move up in Sports Management, Marketing, or Sales.

    1. Graduate Assistant in Coaching

If you are in search of a job as a Coach, then the best way to start is to become a graduate assistant. Just as the name suggests, you will be pursuing a graduate degree while also working in the Athletic Department. Even if you lack the skills to play at the collegiate level, you can make your way into coaching. For the job, you need to have excellent listening and communication skills along with the know-how of video editing software. You must also be able to work long hours. Your responsibilities as a graduate assistant involve running practices and drills, assisting with scouting and recruiting, and editing game videos with editing software.

There are numerous other entry-level sports jobs, too; you just have to find the right one if you want to make your way in the sports industry. If these jobs have inspired you to pursue your dream, check out our current listing of sports jobs in your area.