how to get a sports internship

For most professionals in the sports industry, careers typically start by putting in valuable time within a sports organization. Whether the career is in coaching, administration, media, or otherwise, getting relevant experience is crucial to success. Generally, getting this early sports-related experience is accomplished by working in a sports internship, which provides an enormous benefit to any individual seeking a future career in the sports industry.

Network and communicate with experienced colleagues

sports internship networking

There is a multitude of reasons that someone interested in a career in sports should take advantage of sports internship opportunities. For example, one of the greatest benefits of an internship is the ability to network and build connections. While an individual is working under a sports internship, he or she will meet countless new people in a variety of roles within the organization. Having friendships and being in communication with colleagues throughout the industry could even be the deciding factor in landing a job one day. Moreover, a sports intern may work in conjunction with other sports organizations on collaborative objectives. Networking and building connections ultimately will result in a level of familiarity with these contacts, whether internal or external.

Be a familiar face to others

The perception in the sports industry is that future employers prefer to hire workers that they’re more familiar with as opposed to someone they have never met before until the interview. Professionals in various sports careers generally agree that the sports industry is small and that someone is only a few phone calls away from knowing someone else, which may have an impact on whether you receive an interview or not. Therefore, cultivating and maintaining relationships from a sports internship is a professional’s biggest asset.

Be a sponge – soak up the inside experience of operations

Another way to break into the sports industry with a sports internship is to make the most of the exposure you get from the operations within the sports organization. As an intern, you’ll be granted unique access to see how the organization operates internally, which is a side that many individuals are not privy to. This provides an intern with the unique opportunity to be observant and take mental note of the issues, solutions, and perspectives that are required to operate.

Get exposure to different departments

internships in sports

Many companies or organizations will try to expose you to several different departments internally, which provides a view on a variety of different subjects. However, some sports internships are project- or department-specific. If an intern is granted exposure to departments like finance, marketing, and operations, for example, they’ll have a unique background that not many people in the profession are fortunate enough to receive in their lifetime. Regardless of whether the internship is focused on one or more departments, a sports internship will provide relevant and valuable experience that will prove fruitful in job interviews and future sports industry careers.

Stand out among the competition

For a bright future in the sports industry, you must be able to separate yourself from the competition – others applying and interviewing for the same jobs. This industry is no doubt a popular one, and countless young professionals are attempting to get a foot in the door. Having a sports internship provides an immediate, unique experience that many other job seekers will not likely have on their resumes. Experience and relevant references are sure to impress a future employer, helping you to stand out above the rest.

Ready to break into the sports industry?

There are many sports employers willing to offer the chance to work with them. Therefore, it’s vital to utilize a sports internship to build your resume and get a leg up as you work to break into the industry. Internships are arguably the most valuable and important first step that any budding sports professional should take to seek his or her dream job.

Believe it or not, many entry-level positions and internships are available. Maybe you’re interested in working to help players avoid debilitating ankle injuries, or maybe you’d like to help facilitate organization travel. There are plenty of opportunities, and you can find sports internships with organizations in sports management, media, apparel, equipment, travel, and so many other areas at Jobs in Sports.