sports management jobs in the nfl

The NFL remains one of the most thriving sports organizations in the world. Statistics indicate viewership of NFL games is increasing steadily over the years, with no major signs of slowing.

That means anyone with the talent, experience, and desire to work for the organization won’t likely struggle to find a job. Of course, opportunities will be much easier to come by if you have a sports management degree. Earning a degree clearly signals to potential employers at the NFL that you care enough about football (and the sports industry in general) to learn as much as you can about it.

Wondering which sports management jobs are typically available at the NFL? This guide will help you better understand what types of specific opportunities you may be interested in pursuing.

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What Jobs Are Available in the NFL with a Sports Management Degree?

It’s important to understand this isn’t necessarily a comprehensive list of NFL jobs you can get with your degree. New jobs are often emerging as the organization grows and changes. That said, the following are some of the more noteworthy to keep in mind as you plan for your sports career.


A Note on the Importance of Internships

True, this isn’t technically a job, but it’s worth highlighting because a sports management internship is often beneficial if you want to get a job with a particular sports team. Internships provide the hands-on experience you need in your sports career. Having a sports internship on your resume will give you a leg up when applying for your dream sports job. While helpful when pursuing NFL team jobs, it isn’t a requirement for many organizations. 



nfl sports management and marketing jobs available

Although the action on the field is certainly the main draw, the NFL doesn’t attract high viewership merely due to the natural appeal of NFL games. The sports marketing department also plays a crucial role in letting the public know about the teams, games, players, events, and any other relevant information.

Many people with sports management degrees are attracted to these types of sports jobs. They want to know their work contributes to the success of an entire organization. As a marketer, you would be responsible for ensuring the NFL remains popular with sports fans throughout the country (and the world).

As with many jobs in sports, you would likely begin working beneath a supervisor in the marketing department, which is beneficial. While a degree will help you prepare for the work you’ll be doing, it’s still valuable to get real-world experience before taking on the major responsibilities involved in coordinating marketing campaigns and managing the overall department. Luckily, marketing will always be essential to the NFL’s continued popularity. That means working in this department provides you with a substantial degree of job security.


Facilities Manager

NFL games can’t happen without the proper venue. That’s why the facilities manager (which sometimes takes on different names depending on the venue/team for which you’re working) plays such an important role in the organization. The facilities manager’s responsibilities are both wide-ranging and essential. Specific duties can vary on a case-by-case basis, but in general, the person with this job is responsible for making sure a facility is properly-maintained. This is key to supporting the thousands of fans (not to mention the players) who flock to NFL stadiums throughout the season.

This is a particularly good job for someone with strong attention to detail. It also helps if you have the ability to coordinate with others effectively.

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Some NFL sports management jobs involve working to support the overall organization. However, others include helping the teams on the field succeed.

A football team can’t win games without talented players. The problem is, NFL players are among the top athletes in the world. You can’t simply head to any random high school or college football game and expect to find the next star. These players are the absolute elite.

The NFL needs scouts who can travel to games to identify young athletes who have the potential to succeed in the major leagues. This is the type of NFL career you might pursue if you enjoy traveling. Additionally, it can be a very rewarding position, as it gives you numerous opportunities to help young people achieve their NFL dreams.


Data Analyst


Data analyst is a general term for a range of positions that are becoming increasingly valuable in the NFL. Quite simply, the NFL leverages data in numerous capacities. Teams analyze data to determine which plays yield the best results over time. Marketing departments analyze data to determine which types of campaigns yield the strongest return-on-investment. Departments throughout the NFL rely on data analysis to identify ways they can save money. 

As technology has improved, it’s become easier to perform data analysis. The result? Teams and NFL departments have begun to appreciate the value in recent years. That means working in this type of role is yet another job that involves a fair degree of job security. As the data analysis technology improves, the NFL is likely to continue hiring more and more people to work in this capacity.

It is the type of job that’s ideal for someone who is good with numbers. A sports management degree makes you an even more attractive candidate by indicating that you understand the significance of the data you’re analyzing. Instead of simply crunching numbers, you would know what the numbers mean in context. For example, a data analysis expert who understands the NFL in general will know how a coach thinks, and thus know how to perform data analysis in a way that most benefits the team.

Just remember that these are merely a few examples of NFL sports management jobs. When searching for NFL job openings, keep an eye out for any other options you think might interest you. After all, there’s never been a better time to join the organization.