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Sports reporting and broadcasting through print and online media are the realm of sports media careers. Many opportunities for internships and employment can be found through the sports media divisions of local TV networks – and that is just one small piece of the industry.

The insatiable desire of sports fans for coverage creates many media jobs. Some critically important positions, such as directors, producers, editors, and statisticians, occur in the background. Photographers and camera operators engage directly with the live event. Sportswriters share their insights and knowledge with the audience. TV and radio personalities offer play-by-play and other updates. Sports information directors develop media guides and calculate statistics.

If you’re interested in pursuing a career in sports media, there are many exciting job opportunities available to you. 

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Top Careers in Sports Media

There are endless sports media careers available. All you have to do is apply. If you’re looking for job opportunities in this field, here are some of the top to consider. 

  • Marketing
  • Design
  • Writing
  • Research
  • Media Content
  • Editing

The sports media sector offers broad opportunities to work in sports. There are sports jobs in network and cable TV. There are opportunities to run or work for media websites, local and regional newspapers, and radio. There are even media professionals who work with collegiate and professional teams.

In terms of particular positions, some of the key sports media jobs you might see listed on job boards are in the following six categories:

sports media marketing jobsIf you get this type of work in sports media, you will be using your skills and knowledge of marketing techniques and of the sports business.  

Some notable jobs in this category are:

  • Marketing manager
  • Assistant marketing manager
  • Event manager or assistant
  • Marketing assistant
  • Advertising assistant
  • Sales manager

Sports marketing managers can expect to make a median income of $135,900 (Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2019). According to compensation software company PayScale, the average assistant marketing manager’s salary is well below that at $52,523.

Web design is an important field for designers in 2020. However, design sports jobs extend beyond the Internet to include responsibilities in print, packaging, and environmental design settings.

Key jobs in this category include:

  • Production assistant
  • Graphic designer
  • Photographer 
  • Video or film producer

Graphic designers made a median of $52,110 in 2019, per the BLS. Photographers made a median of $36,280. 

sports reporter jobsWhether a sports fan gets their information through magazines and newspapers or websites and blogs, writers are needed to put informative sports stories into words.

Some of the main jobs in this category are the following:

  • Copywriter
  • Online writer
  • Sports writer
  • Sports reporter
  • Sports commentator
  • Multimedia journalist

PayScale lists the average writer’s income at $49,846. 

Before a sporting event begins, while it is occurring, and after it is over, a sports analyst is able to intelligently and coherently discuss numerous subjects related to the contest.

Important roles in sports research include:

  • Researcher/programmer
  • Sports analyst
  • Sports information specialist.

The average salary for a sports information director is $37,296, according to PayScale

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Media content
Blogs, social media, and other online sources connect with fans. Through these channels, brands and teams can post sports content, such as athlete-driven media.

Key positions in this category are the following:

  • Media representative
  • Creative content assistant
  • Sports media relations assistant
  • Director of media relations
  • Social media coordinator or director
  • TV or radio broadcaster

The average income for a social media director is $71,427 per PayScale. The average pay of public relations directors is $85,954. 

Information and perspectives on athletes, sports topics, and sporting matchups are brought to the public by sports editors through carefully selected text and images.

Top sports editing roles include the following:

  • Digital editor or producer
  • Online editor
  • Sports editor

Video and film editors are listed in combination with camera operators by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, which reports median pay for that group as $59,810.

How To Get There: The Value Of Sports Internships

To land a career in sports media, it can be a wise idea to get a degree in communications or journalism

When people are considering college programs, they will want to pay special attention to the school’s relationships with internship providers. Success in getting started in a sports media career is often due to starting out with a great internship. Internships offer great opportunities to network and develop relationships with other professionals. 

First Steps In Landing A Sports Media Job

If you are still a student or are making a career transition, you can use these methods to break into the industry:

  • Interests and pay — As you look at these various categories, you may already know which jobs are the most relevant to your skills and interests. Income may also be an important consideration. 
  • Networking — Going to national conferences is an important way to develop credibility and meet industry professionals in a neutral, disarming setting.
  • Look up athletic associations and sports agencies – Athletic agencies and associations are able to introduce you to more potential connections.
  • Get experience — Take advantage of volunteer opportunities and internships if you can afford to wait for a paid position.

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