Site Manager

  Sports Management Company
  West Region
  Sports Technology
  Posted/Updated: 09/03/18

The role is responsible for ensuring a positive game day experience for all involved.

Duties and Responsibilities:
- Excellent organization skills and the ability to multi-task
- Possesses excellent communication and problem solving skills
- Knows sports, or has prior sports experience
- Highly motivated self-starter; can work independently
- Creating the i9 Experience at the field or court level
- Calling a game (in progress) due to weather or forfeiture
- Ensuring that the timing of events is on schedule
- Set-up/tear down required for creating the i9 Experience (laying out the field, setting up the canopy)
- Ensuring all officials are present at the games. The Site Manager will assume the official role if no official is present.
- Organize equipment for daily distribution (coaches bags, cones, goals etc.)

- Monitoring all aspects of the sport at the field or court, including:
- Communicating with parents, participants, or officials.
- Handling any money related to the sale of merchandise at the canopy
- Ensuring that no alcohol, drugs or tobacco are being used at the field or court level - Maintaining a safe environment for the children
- Restocking supplies for the next event
- Filing all reports necessary for documenting incidents at the venue level

As the Site Manager, you are the eyes, the ears and the face of i9 Sports at the venue. The Site Manager is expected to be present and clearly visible at all times throughout game day. It is your jobs to make sure that the consumer (both participants and parents) are well taken care of. Remember that we provide much more than a sports league . . .it is an Experience Beyond the Game.

Marketing Responsibilities:
- Our marketing is what really separates us from the competition. A crucial part of your marketing effort is making sure that you are focusing your effort on the people who are most likely to register for your sports programs through our focused guerrilla marketing tactics. We will provide you with a clearly defined strategy for executing on all levels of our marketing plan which include Road signs, flyer distribution in local businesses, day- cares and schools and in-person events; which we conduct at local businesses/events in 
the area.

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