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The NBA is one of the most exciting leagues in America, and, thanks to affiliates like the G League and the WNBA, NBA Internships offer more opportunities than ever to get the first-hand experience in these organizations. The Jobs in Sports website makes finding these internships easy. Thanks to the site, you will have an edge on the high volume of Search NBA Internshipscompetition for NBA summer internships and more. An edge that will not only help you get an internship but get an internship that will help your future career.

It is a bit misleading to think that the NBA is made up of only thirty teams. The WNBA has more than a dozen franchises throughout the country, and those franchises offer many WNBA internships as well. Because NBA franchises own the WNBA teams, WNBA internships provide an access point to the NBA. The G League (NBA’s “minor” league) also have NBA team internships available. The bottom line is the Job in Sports website provides valuable ways to get yourself involved in internships in the NBA.

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NBA interns are often assigned to is the marketing area. Marketing is an opportunity for interns to make their mark massively. NBA marketing internships focus on using college students' networking skills to build the brand of the basketball team. A major area of interest is social media. If you can impress your bosses with a social media program that turns the team into a viral sensation, you maximize the odds of landing a job after college.

Jobs in Sports is proud to work with such an incredible association such as the NBA listing the best internship opportunities that they ma ke available.

Frequently Asked Questions

In the NBA, there are internships available for every season. Should you choose to apply, be aware of your schedule to determine better which season is best for you.

NBA Start Dates by season:
  • Fall internships typically begin in September,
  • Winter internships usually start in November or December,
  • Spring internships begin in January or February, and
  • Summer Internships usually start in June.

The average annual pay for an NBA internship in the United States is $52,303 a year.

The average pay for an NBA internship varies modestly, suggesting that there will be fewer opportunities for advancement based on skill level. However, increased wages based on location and experience is still possible.

One internship offered in the NBA is their Summer Internship Program, which provides a hands-on opportunity for college students to build their experience within the NBA while working behind the scenes. It's a 10-week program offered in New York or New Jersey, and students are selected in early winter.

To qualify for the NBA Summer Internship Program, students must be enrolled in a college or university and be in their junior or senior year and to graduate students.

Another opportunity to be selected for an NBA internship is applying for their Athletic Training Internship. As an intern, you will work with the staff where you gain valuable knowledge as well as learn techniques in athletic training such as injury prevention, rehabilitation, and treatment. This internship will also expose you to the various equipment used within this domain. Athletic training internships enable you to build an extensive and beneficial network, which is crucial for developing your career.

Sports internships are very competitive, which is why they offer both paid and unpaid internships. In the NBA, interns work very hard to learn the business of basketball and are required to have certain skill sets.

To excel in an NBA internship, you are expected to:

  • Have strong interpersonal & communication skills
  • Pay close attention to details
  • Be highly organized and structured

The NBA Internship program is a 10-week full-time program that deals with bridging the gap between the academic environment and the future work environment. Interns get to learn the business side of basketball as well as a behind-the-scenes look of a global sports organization.

If you are a person who loves professional basketball, landing an internship with the NBA is a dream come true. Since the field is highly competitive, it is crucial to understand the application process.

To even be considered for an NBA internship, an applicant must have some experience or background in the field for which they are applying. Also, students must be enrolled in a college and must possess excellent academic standing and dedicated to a full work week for the entire 10-week program. Leadership skills are important to demonstrate through future activities within this internship.

Your application should demonstrate that you will be highly professional and dedicated to working for the NBA.

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