NHL Teams with the Most Stanley Cups

The National Hockey League (NHL) is ice hockey’s premier professional league. It features the best athletes, the most viewers, and the most sought-after trophy – The Stanley Cup.

Throughout its storied history, more than 3,000 names have been etched in the Stanley Cup. Every NHL player wants to get their name on the trophy next. 

But many people aren’t familiar with the history of NHL championships. You may have questions like, who has the most NHL championships? Are there NHL teams that never won a title? And who’s the NHL player with the most Stanley Cups?

We’ve answered all these questions and more in the sections below, so keep reading to get the information you’re seeking.

NHL Championship List – The Top 5 Teams

The Stanley Cup is the oldest trophy awarded to a professional sports franchise in North America. The competition to win it is fierce, and there have only ever been 103 teams to do it.

With that in mind, here’s our NHL championship list featuring the top 5 teams to have Stanley Cups.

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#5: Chicago Blackhawks – 6

The Chicago Blackhawks were one of the six original NHL teams and have won six Stanley Cups. Their most recent victory was in 2015, which was led by the dominant performance of Patrick Kane, among other key contributors.

#4: Boston Bruins – 6

The Boston Bruins have a very similar story to the Chicago Blackhawks. They were also one of the NHL’s first six teams and have won six Stanley Cups.

The team initially played in the Boston Arena, the world’s oldest indoor hockey arena still used competitively (although the Bruins now play in T.D. Garden).

nhl teams with most championships

Newly-hired coach Jim Montgomery will surely be looking to add another Stanley Cup to the Bruin’s storied history during the 2022-23 season.

#3: Detroit Red Wings – 11

The Detroit Red Wings was founded in 1926 and was initially called the Detroit Cougars. They’ve won an impressive 11 Stanley Cups in their history.

Steve Yzerman is one of the better-known players from the Red Wing’s latest championship run in the late ’90s and early 2000s. He set an NHL record for spending the most time as a captain and helped to bring four Stanley Cups back to Detroit.

#2: Toronto Maple Leafs – 13

The Toronto Maple Leafs come in at number two on our list with an impressive 13 Stanley Cups in their history. The team was founded in 1917 and is commonly referred to as “The Leafs.” This team has more players in the Hall of Fame than any other NHL team.

#1: Montreal Canadians – 24

Finally, the team with the most NHL championships is the Montreal Canadians. They’ve won the championship 24 times, with 23 of those victories coming after the formation of the NHL.

The Canadians also held the record for most championships by a team in any of the four major North American sports until 1999, when the Yankees took that title.

Has Any Team Won 5 Stanley Cups in a Row?

The Montreal Canadians are the only team to have won 5 Stanley Cups in a row, and they did this between 1956 and 1960, which is one of the most dominant title runs by any team in professional sports.

During that era, The Canadiens were led offensively by Jean Beliveau and Dickie Moore. Their defense was led by Doug Harvey and Tom Johnson, who won the Norris Trophy in each of the team’s five consecutive championship years.

The team’s coach, Toe Blake, is also in the Hall of Fame as a player and did a fantastic job of keeping the team’s title momentum rolling for five straight seasons.

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What Team Has Never Won the Stanley Cup?

Although some teams have had multiple NHL Stanley Cup winners, there are plenty that never won the trophy at all. Some teams have been working on that goal for decades, while others are just getting started with title pursuits.

Here’s a list of teams without any NHL Stanley Cup wins:

How to Find a Job with a Top NHL Team

You don’t have to be an NHL player to contribute to earning a franchise it’s next (or first) Stanley Cup. NHL teams go beyond the ice, and you may have a role to play on one.

If you’re interested in working for an NHL team, here’s a quick guide to help you get started.

1. Choose Your Role

First, select what role you want to fulfill for an NHL team. You could be a coach, a strength and conditioning director, a member of the front office, or a professional for a franchise’s marketing and sales team.

Find a Job with a Top NHL Team

2. Get the Qualifications

Once you know what role you’d like to fill for an NHL franchise, you can start getting qualified for that role. The exact qualifications you need will vary based on the position you want. Still, it’ll often mean going to college for at least a bachelor’s degree and then getting relevant industry experience.

3. Build a Network

Professional hockey jobs are highly competitive. You will have a much better chance of getting hired for one if you have a network of people in the industry that you know.

You can build a network online through social media and in person through various NHL events, such as workshops, seminars, and charitable initiatives.

4. Apply for Jobs on JobsinSports.com

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