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There’s no adrenaline rush quite like a hockey game, but not everyone is able to get on the ice. For those of you not gifted with incredible skating ability, there are plenty of hockey jobs available for people who are passionate about what happens on the ice.

Of course, most hockey fans seek out NHL jobs, but there are a plethora of other leagues as well. Jobs In Sports has plenty of AHL jobs along with other opportunities to make your mark. You can use these listings to get your foot in the door or you can move from markets like Edmonton all the way to Los Angeles or New York.

However, if the professional game isn’t your thing, there are college hockey jobs as well. While NCAA hockey jobs may interest most, plenty of colleges compete in NAIA and there are NJCAA programs that can use your time and talent. However, most of these colleges are in the northern areas of the United States and of course all throughout Canada.

Here are some current hockey jobs:

Besides pro hockey jobs, there are plenty of jobs available on the website for people looking to work in organizations supporting hockey. Many equipment companies manufacture items specific for hockey, so expertise in the sport and connections to established leagues and clubs is a boon. Also, hockey’s popularity is growing and that means more opportunities with new businesses.

Hockey is especially growing through television. Thanks to HD, watching hockey games is no longer as difficult as it used to be. Fans who used to complain about following the puck are now riveted by the Stanley Cup playoffs. This growth creates many opportunities in old and new media alike.

When looking for hockey jobs, it’s important to have a partner like Jobs In Sports. Our website allows your qualifications to be viewed by people directly involved in the sport and gives you a greater chance to start your dream career. You may not be on the ice, but you will be quite close to it.

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Design Intern
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