Major League Baseball (MLB) Internships

Every ballplayer dreams of making it to the show. There are precious few that ever do and even less that go on to have long, prosperous careers. However, you have the opportunity to work in a different field of the game, and that starts with MLB internships. MLB internships is just the first step to a long career in America’s oldest sport. Thankfully, Jobs in Sports has the most comprehensive listings for students that will help you get the best MLB summer internships.

With 30 different teams scattered throughout 27 different cities and a huge range of minor league affiliations, the site boasts a massive selection of MLB team internships. Interns can make their mark in a variety of ways including working on the grounds crew and working in the front office on player acquisitions and statistical modeling. No matter what the role is, MLB team internships offers many opportunities to contribute to MLB teams all while getting noticed by executives of the ball club. The best part – when you do a good job and prove that you are willing to go the extra mile, this pretty much guarantees you future employment in the show.

MLB Internship Opportunities

Of course, internships in MLB are not easy to come by. The reality is you have to have a good resume and even then, you are not guaranteed a position. That’s why using the Jobs in Sports website is critical. The site gets your resume to the top of the applicant pile and helps you understand what teams are looking for and how to get their trained eye to take a second look at what you can offer to a MLB team. The bottom line – when you have the Jobs in Sports website working for you, attaining those prized internships goes from a dream to a reality.

Jobs in Sports is the perfect way to get yourself ready to have an amazing experience with Major League Baseball.

Frequently Asked Questions?

Major League Baseball internships are an excellent way to get your foot in the door for a career in sports. Just like in other types of sports jobs, MLB internships are considered an entry-level position. Although your paychecks aren’t huge, the experience that you will get is invaluable — setting the stage for a long and prosperous career in a sport you are passionate about. As long as you perform well and give it your all, you can have an incredible future ahead of you.

On average, baseball internships pay about $13/hour. Depending on the team, that number could be a little different one way or the other. MLB summer internships are quite competitive, so you'll need to apply quickly and provide an attractive resume. Landing an MLB internship is like hitting a home run. Get your chance to prove yourself first and don’t strike out and miss a great opportunity with Major League Baseball.

With 30 Major League Baseball teams spreading from the west coast to the east coast, there is a massive selection of MLB internships on the Jobs in Sports site to choose from. This doesn’t even count the opportunities available in the minor league. Think about all of the Triple-A and Double-A teams that act as pipelines for the big baseball stars in hitting and pitching you see on television. It’s an exciting thought to be able to be part of the action with baseball internships, isn’t it?

If you already have decided a certain path for your career, such as sports marketing, you can decide to apply for baseball summer internships that are centered on just that. If you are not sure exactly what you want to do and just want to “get in the game,” go for it!

The types of Major League Baseball internships that are available include baseball operations internships, helping the grounds crew take care of the field, or assisting in events sales and services where you can learn the ins and outs of events services, sales, tours, and even public safety.

An amazing part of getting baseball internships is the ability to work closely with talented professionals such as Account Executives, Tour Supervisors, Event Coordinators, and much more. This gives you valuable insight and guidance that not only shows you what your future may hold but also helps to develop and strengthen your skillset. During MLB summer internships, there are a wealth of opportunities to make yourself a great candidate for what comes next. Plus, you can begin to build your professional network in Major League Baseball.

Other types of MLB internships include opportunities in a variety of departments such as Public Relations (PR), Fan Experience, Design, Club Marketing, Sponsorship, and more.

Sports jobs are a dream for many people who grew up loving to play the game. Major League Baseball internships present an incredible opportunity to make those dreams come true. But it is important to know the right path to take to achieve success. As a general rule, you need to be enrolled in college to be a candidate for an MLB internship. Most positions will require you to have finished your sophomore year in college to apply.

Do you know the type of department you would like to work for? As an example, if you want to get into Sports Management, you will be most competitive if you major in sports management. Certain specialized programs in the country are targeted to sports management. However, you may have to move farther away to get your education. But it could be well worth it! Suffice it to say, education is important to getting a baseball internship.

Another important aspect of making yourself an attractive candidate for an MLB internship is strengthening and diversifying your skill set. Are you a good communicator? Are you highly organized and motivated? Be sure to share any unique or highly sought skills you may have when applying.

As mentioned above, to get an MLB internship you need to have a great resume. Even if you don’t have much experience behind your belt yet, it is important to have your professional and educational story told in an engaging way that highlights you in the best way possible. When you are applying for jobs online, your resume is your only chance to make a positive impression.

To land these positions, you will encounter a huge amount of competition. You want to be on an academic track that is a good fit for a baseball team. Sports management is the clearest path; other relevant majors include key MLB team areas like marketing and pre-law.

Experience volunteering can help you score internships. Generally, making connections is very smart since your network can often help you get MLB internships and, eventually, jobs.

Once you have applied for internships (see below), research the names of the operations manager, public relations manager, salary cap manager, or marketing manager. Send each of them letters following up on your application.

You need to have completed two years of college to get a paid MLB internship. Corporate sales, public relations, marketing, and e-commerce are examples of departments in which you could intern. You will need to indicate the specific department in which you are interested in your application. You will also need to state why you are a strong candidate for that particular area of the organization.

You will get taken much more seriously by MLB teams if you have some background in the particular department. Get whatever experience you can in that field, regardless if it is sports-related. Highlight your accomplishments, citing any specific numbers as possible, in your resume and cover letter.

Depending on how compelling your application is and how impressive your experience is, you may land an internship. Be aware, though, that many people get turned down for these internships every year — so you may want a backup plan that is a sports internship of a different type. offers MLB and other sports internships.

While internships can involve a lot of office work, you may have physical assignments as well. You may find yourself stocking programs or sweeping the hallways. Be ready to do anything to win a career in baseball.

You can apply for internships through – and it’s to your advantage. According to a national industry survey, the vast majority of sports employers (89%) view our members as “pre-qualified,” according to a national industry survey. Plus, you can uncover opportunities through our network of 14,000+ sports industry professionals, 1800+ companies, and 1400+ schools.

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