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New York is one of America’s great sports cities, and, when it comes to rabid sports fans, the New York market is second to none. Therefore, when you are considering sports jobs NYC for your career, the Jobs in Sports website is the right tool for you. The website is the comprehensive place to get listings for the New York sports jobs that appeal to a wide variety of people in America’s largest media market.

There are many reasons why people love New York. The city is a diverse place with boundless opportunities. With two sports teams in every major sport – and three NHL teams along with two MLS teams, New York City offers abundant, unique opportunities for sports jobs. Manhattan, alone, provides many different jobs in sports marketing and sports management in all the major sports league offices. If you are serious in your search for sports jobs New York, the Jobs in Sports website is the right place to get started.

Here are Some Available New York Sports Jobs

Sports & Entertainment - Coordinator Account Management (New York, NY)
  Role Summary The Account Planning team under Marketing Partnerships oversees 100+ partnersh…
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Sports & Entertainment - Business Operations Manager (New York, NY)
  Role Summary The Manager will assist the Vice President and other department executives in …
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Sports & Entertainment - Senior Financial Analyst (New York, NY)
  Duties   Event Financial supporting: Assisting to prepare estimations of labor …
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Sports & Entertainment - Manager, Finance (New York, NY)
  Duties:   Support for Event Financial: Conducting estimates for labor & cos…
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Sports & Entertainment - VP Security (New York, NY)
  Duties   Attending to venues and its surrounding areas Leading the Securit…
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Sports & Entertainment - Director Event Presentation (New York, NY)
  Duties   Overseeing leadership & strategies of programming and in-arena pre…
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Sports & Entertainment - Coordinator Media Relations (New York, NY)
  Duties   Overseeing of credentialing process to help in operations of game nigh…
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Sports & Entertainment - VP Live (New York, NY)
  Duties Overseeing of the staffs' daily operations, duties & growth plan for P&…
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When searching sports jobs New York City, it is important that you know what you want to do and where you want to do it. Each borough has tons of opportunities. With the exception of Staten Island, there are major sports organizations in each borough and the close areas of New Jersey. Whether it is stadium operations, team marketing initiatives, player management, New York offers more opportunities than any other city in the country.

Jobs in Sports is the place to go for sports jobs in New York. Our unique selection of sports jobs allows you to go for the career that will be the most fulfilling for your life. New York City has the widest selection of available sport jobs; therefore, if you are ready to start your New York sports job, then visit Jobs in Sports to begin the next exciting chapter of your life.

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Yes, I found an Account Executive position with the San Jose Giants minor league baseball team through this website. I found this job in less than a month!

Chris Apenbrink,
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I chose to re-subscribe to JobsInSports for the vast variety of jobs posted on your site. Additionally, the customer service I have experienced working with JobsInSports has been excellent.

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