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Build Your Professional Network

Building a professional network is a necessity for anyone striving for a successful career. Internal promotions and job changes require more than just a solid track record; they require contacts. Having people in your professional circle provides you leads on new positions and aligns you with mentors that will help […]

Sports Management Degree 101

Sports Management Degree 101

Earning a sports management degree can lead to a variety of roles within the sporting industry. That diploma, with some work experience, qualifies you for a position in a front office, marketing department, as a player agent, or in ticket sales, just to name a few. It can help already […]

Masters in Sports Administration Salary

Sports administration is a great field for students who are sports fans but are not able to be competitive in the professional world. With a master’s degree in sports administration, you can work as a sports manager, facility director, coach, or in any number of other positions related to the world […]

The Sports Media Celebrity

by Niral Patel Featured Blogger Like most industries news media has evolved throughout the generations but its overall mission remains the same; deliver information to the general public or a targeted audience. Under the news media umbrella is sports media, which began as a conduit from teams to their fans. […]

How to Get a Sports Internship

If you are new to the sports industry or looking for a change in careers, a sports internship could be just what you need. People find themselves in the never-ending circle of not having enough experience and not being able to get a job because of their lack of experience. […]